Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From the desk of the Queen !!!

Tonight is the first night with a bit of a nip in the air....I am not sure but fall brings out the crazy in me lol I can not tell you how many twisted things  I have done on Halloween...I could write a whole book on the Queens Kinky Halloween adventures lol Annnnnnnnnnd the lord willing and the creek don't rise I will add a few more to the list this year lol

I am going to be logging in a bit more from now on...My schedule has changed a bit so I am not logging on in the day time as much....I know over the years many of my calls was in the day time and if you can not call any other time and you just musssssssssst talk to the Queen then you can shoot me an email or send me a note on NiteFlirt and usually I can work something out if you pinky swear it is going to be one kinky ass bit of fun lol You so know if I get board I will for sure hang up on you...I detest boredom like the plague...

I am taking calls at night from 10 pm central time until ...well, until I am ready for bed lol I am the Queen after all...I set the rules here lol I just do not conform well to stringent schedules :)

I will be revamping a few things in the weeks coming...I also am working on some new audios to upload :) If any of you have any ideas or you wish to write any scipts for me to consider just email them to me at ladysassa07@gmail.com ....I would love to see what you come up with :)

I had a call tonight that was fun....Terry from VA called me and said he needed someone to take control of his life...well he hit the jack pot huh !!! Shhhhh don't tell him ....We all know he has just walked right into my lair...I think I am going to have some fun with this little slut....I sent him off to bed with some assignments for tomorrow....wayyyyyys to earn some cummie points that is LOL

Tom and I are still playing :) I sure tested him recently .... I had him purchase a vibrating "sounds" and some other new toys we have been playing with....I have found this little slut will do anything  I ask of him without question...I likessssss :) ha ha

Queen Sassa

Friday, June 19, 2015

Thursty Thursday will cost you if you are not careful lol......Pooor Tom !!!!

My Dear Goddess,

Yesterday was to be a good day. I was well on my way yo another 100+ points day (including 30 points bonus for being in bed on time all week). Then last night the bottom fell out as I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up about 11:15 and before I could get dogs out etc and get into the bed it was 11:30. this is 90 minutes past bed time and cost me 450 points plus the 30 point bonus I was going to get. So with that deduction yesterday I scored a negative 375 points, leaving my total for the week at a meager 63 points. This in fact is the lowest weekly score in the 25 weeks the points system has been in place. This morning finds me a miserable little pet as I know that this does not even come close to earning a cummie and that You Goddess would be certainly justified to hand down more punishment if You wish for my lousy performance. I am so sorry that I have failed You.

Last night as I finally got into bed I wrestled in my mind briefly about not doing homework and just saying I did and not claiming the missed bed time. As I said this was a brief self argument as I knew that lying would only make me feel worse and not being honest with You would be so very wrong and could not do it anyway. So as required I sadly did the homework assignment of stroking and edging Your cock and balls to the two edges. So afraid that i might even loose that privilege. So today I am humble little pet that knows You have been so fair and good to me and know whatever You decide is what I must comply with.

I hope that You have a wonderful day. I love You so very much.

Your pet,

Monday, December 8, 2014

Five Months Into the Journey Of A Stroker Boy !!!!

Many call me or have sessions with me and say they want me to " take control." They wish to "be totally devoted to worshiping me",They say I am their Goddess...their Mistress the list goes on...There are two types of pets....The pets that truly want a Dom Sub relationship and the ones who just want to play at being a sub for a little while and go on about their life after the call/session....

The truth is I can accommodate both kinds of sessions.....But the ones who truly devote their self to making me happy...doing what I like....truly working to become whom I wish for them to be....It is a wonderful journey for those who wish to put their all into developing a true Dom-sub relationship and are willing to let go and allow the Dom to take the wheel to open doors to sides of them they had no idea existed....it is a very individual path....it takes a lot of work on BOTH sides....

As many of you know I have been a Dominate pretty much since the day I was born....I stepped into the kinky world at a very young age and my journey is forever evolving....I am constantly learning and finding new realms I wish to explore within myself....

Just the same as most of you I have two sides of my life and my family life I hold very dear to me and completely away from my " Land of Kink" there have been a few over the years that have failed to respect this side of my life and trust me when they did they found I will have a bite like a bull dog fresh off a chain...

Tom is one of those pets that truly has worked hard to please me....We have opened doors and I am truly excited about the doors yet to open....it has been a wonderful journey and he is truly one of the few I have pulled close to me....He has earned it....Just as any can that is willing to put forth the effort it takes to truly worship a woman such as myself...

There is not one thing I have asked Tom to do that he has not done...at times he was very apprehensive but he has always know he could TRUST me....I think of that first call when he told me "I do not have much experience " I do not know why so many feel this is a bad thing...I love training a pet that has not been miss managed by another fly by night pretend mistress....Oh there are so many out there....I love starting from the ground and being the one they experience all their "first" with...

Tom also visits my wish list pretty much every week NOT because I demand it....but because he wants nothing more than to thank me for our adventures and to put a smile on my face....I am not one to demand tips or presents simply because I feel it is so much more exciting when someone simply does it because they adore me so much they do something I do not demand of them to simply say Thank You !!! I do not blast my wish list link all over my emails and my listings....there is a link on my blog for those who wish to find it....but please if you do send me something include some kind of note to let me know what pet gets a star by their name....yes I am very Dominate but I am also very Southern and I like to thank those to go that extra mile....Amazon protects you as well as me and gifts do not come with your name or address so the only way I know is if you include a name....You can use your NF name or my pet name for you if you wish...

I am going to include a letter I got this morning from Tom marking our five month Anniversary because it truly brought a huge smile to my face and I wanted to share it here :)

Dear Goddess,

Hope today finds You well. Hope you have a good day today.

Last night we played. Yesterday marked 5 months since we first played. And it has been a wonderful 5 months. Since it had been 5 months I was so hoping to get to have one of your cummies. You had me take the toys down to the bar. The big inflatable, blackie 2, clothes pins and the nipple clamp. And of course Your cock and balls were in their harness. Once in the bar you had  me pour 2 shots of jack. Then insert the inflatable plug and pump it up 4 times. Then You had me take one shot of Jack. And then sit on one of the bar stools. The sensation of that big plug and sitting on the bar stool was something else. You then had me put on the nipple clamps and take the connecting chain between my teeth. The tug in the sitting position was much harder than when lying down. You then had me pump your cock thru my fist while sitting. At some point you had me drop the chain and take the second shot of Jack. Then continue pumping Your cock thru my fist. After reaching the edge and what seemed like an eternity You said those magical words "cum for me my pet". What a mess I made with your cummie. Thank You so much.
This morning after doing my walking I inserted blackie 2 and did the required two edges as I replayed last night in my head. It was all I could do to remain Your good little slut.

Hope You have a wonderful and prosperous day.

Love You,
Your pet and stroker slut,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adventures With My Little Stroker Slut Tom.....

I keep having people ask me how Tom is doing....Tom has to write me a homework report each morning assuring me he has been on point with the things I have assigned for him to do....This is his homework report for today...

Dear Goddess,

Hope You are okay. Hoping you have a wonderful day.

Early last night we played. As I was getting ready You described Your dream of being at the DQ with me and Your making me stroke your cock to be able to have my blizzard, evening making me stick your cock in the blizzard to be able to hold it. This had Your cock quite hard before we even got started. Then You had me insert the big inflatable plug and pump it all the way up. I felt so full. Then with the nipple clamps on you had me hump Your cock thru my fist. Then after reaching the edge You allowed me to have Your cummie. I just love to hear "cum for me my pet". Happy that I pleased You enough to allow me to have Your cummie. This morning after my walking I performed the assignment with the original buzz toy inserted edging twice while replaying last night in my head.
Love You so much,
Your pet and stroker slut,
my little tom is coming along in his training...I am very proud of him...he aaaalways does as I ask without question....tom  sure knows how to get cummie points...

Today I heard the door bell ring and it was UPS....he had not one but two boxes for me...Someone had been on my wish list !!!! Yall so know what a Diva I am and I have a huge thing for smelling irresistible edible at all times....inside one box was a bottle of Demeter Hot Fudge Sunday perfume omgggg it smells amazing....In the other was a bottle of Demeter Lilac perfume....I will have you to know I am sitting here right now smelling like Chocolate....I smell so good I just want to eat myself ha ha ha !!!!

Needless to say my little pet managed to put a huge smile on my face and collect a few cummie points....I will keep yall posted on how little tom is doing....We have a big adventure this week with a public naughtiness assignment I have in store for him....and oh yes and trust me I have got plans for that ass....Quite literally ha ha ha ....

Queen Sassa 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kinky Shit In The News Today 10/28/2014

School Cop Accused Of Demanding To Smell Woman’s Socks « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

I found a little kink in the news today :) You so know nothing tickles me more over my morning coffee to see that one of my little fetish pets has just let that cat get out of the bag :) This my pets is why you need a Mistress to burn some of that off :)

I can not tell you how many foot fetish pets I have had over the years that would do anything to earn a sniff of my gym socks lol

Queen Sassa

Yahoo ID----ladysassa07

School Cop Accused Of Demanding To Smell Woman’s Socks « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Monday, October 13, 2014


I am up and ready to play !!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I have been a Mistress for quite a few years now. I have dwelled in the lank of kink for as long as I can remember....I have had many playmates over the years that still to this day I can think about and instantly smile...

Many of my callers have called me for years.The relationship between a Mistress and a submissive is built over time.It is very rare that you click instantly.I had that happen over the past few weeks.I met a new sub from the great state of Ga...we instantly hit it off...

Tom really had not had much actual experiance.I happen to like a fresh new pet that I am able to mold as I please.We have started off with a little chastity play ( evil grin) he has officially turned his cock balls and orgasms over to me...They are all MINE and I am sure enjoying playing with my property.

I instructed Tom to order some new toys and he just ordered one of my favorites an Aneros !!!! What a wickedly fun toy...I am truly looking forward to leading him down the path in Sassa's Land of Kink...

Mistress Sassa