Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Ryans Naughty Letter !!!!!

I got this picture and this letter today from my little baby ryan.I am always amazed at just how nasty this little bitches mind is.I love nothing more than waking up in the morning to a naughty little confession in my email.I have been working with baby ryan's wife to make sure he is a properly trained sissy cuck.I must say our work is coming along nicely and baby ryan is starting to understand that HER place is on HER knees in front of a big black cock.This picture reminds me so much of you except that cock.You so wish you had a big cock instead of a little dicklet.

1-866-687-3717 ext.170

This is baby ryans letter I got this morning....

Mistress Sassa,
Maam.... I saw this picture online and could not believe how much it reminded me of what you told me you would do to me in real life. I cant imagine how humiliating it would be to see that big plug and know I was going to have to sit on it Not to mention how degrading it would feel to get stretched out by that plug going in You always tell me how you would dress me in pink, and how I should have blond pig tails I know I would end up with a tiny chastity device on.... but unlike the sissy in the picture....... mine is already little . I had to send this to you..... but I'm begging not to ever have to ride the horsey like that! And I have a confession to make..... I have not been "practicing" with anything up my backside.... its too embarrassing.... I know you say I have to practice or your big black strap on cock will be to big But I just haven't been doing it..... I'm sorry.... so please don't put me on a saddle like that

baby ryan

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