Friday, November 13, 2009

Naughty Night In Sassaville :)

I have been doing this for quite a few years and I can honestly said there are many calls that I will never forget.This past week I had one of those calls that I will never forget even when I am all old and on the Granny Line.

Wednesday morning I get an email from one of my regulars that sounded intriguing.I have had a lot of fun with this caller in the past I love seeing how drunk I can get him before he gives into my every wish....

Mark said he had a dog shock collar and a butt plug some panties and the shock collar had a remote by the way...Ohhh my we also had some skin tight pants and a belt with holes ( bondage strap) all in the leather and a little gold lock.I am really digging this idea at this point.I told Mark to check into a hotel close to a strip club.I can not have my pets off driving drunk making me look bad.Mark called me and since things was going to be this much fun I cut him a very smooth deal on a block of time that we could use all during the night for a series of calls and text included.Mark is one of my more serious players and we have played together for a long time by phone and I know I was going to push this little bitch to a new level.

I have something inside me that just lovvves to embarrass a man by peeing his pants I do not know what it is.I guess to me that is the absolute most embarrassing thing I could ever do...

I made him lube and insert the but plug this took a few drinks in fact he had to drink three shots before we even got the plug in.You could see his will bending to my wishes.Then I instructed him to put the shock collar around his balls with the probe nestled just under his balls.

I had him put his underwear on backwards and put on the tight Tan slacks that he had brought with him.I knew that if I caused and "accident" that everyone would be able to see it as well as the fact he had to walk all the way back to the hotel room in the cold in pissy pants...Oh so much fun....And having to run getting zapped with that zapper.

I instructed him to go to the club and ask a waitress if she would like to play.It was a slow Wednesday night and we did have a few misses where they did not play well then we found Miss Hell Cat.He called me and I asked him to give her the phone and take it somewhere quiet.I told her there was a $50 tip in it for her if she would be my hands for the night.I knew when I heard the evil laugh that this was going to be fun.

I told her to torture him at will and to make sure he did not slack up on the drinks that I ordered for him and to make sure he had plenty of ice water during the night to make it fun.I also told her that he could not take his pants off without the key to the lock on his belt and for her to ask for the control to the shock collar around his balls.

She gave him back the phone and asked for the key to his lock and the control to the ball zapper.( I am so adding one of these to my wish list).I could hear him tense up as she could not help but test it.Then she went and got him 4 shots of tequila and a large pitcher of ice water.He had one hour to complete everything he had.Ms Hell Cat had the zapper and was already having a good time I could hear him mean and scream a time or two.I was about to fall out of my chair laughing.I could hear her taunting him as I told him what a worthless slut he was.The plug deep in his ass sitting in a strip club with your balls on fire.How sweet is that ? ha ha ha

Well he finished all of his shots and drank his pitcher of ice water that just made him drunker and he was begging to allow him to ask for the key so he could go to the bathroom.When she heard him ask to go to the bathroom I think it turned her on because she was all the way up to 6 and he was screaming.I was loving life and could not stop laughing I told him he had to walk back to the room to get the key we had frozen in ice in the room that would take a while to melt the ice.

Or he had to buy an article of clothing off Ms Hell Cat that was on her body right now to get the key she had and he also had to grant her one wish.

He was not quite drunk enough because he decided to think about his options so I told him to order another drink and then to call me back in 20 minutes.

He called be back begging to go to the bathroom.I was in Mistress heaven laughing at him I made him say pretty please a few times and then he decided he wanted her key.He asked her for the key and she zapped him just for the hell of it wide open and I heard him scream then piss his pants because as soon as she seen he had peed his pants her little mean ass zapped him again.I could not have gotten another play partner she was giving him hell.He told her that he had to buy a piece of her clothing from her and she told him that the only thing she had to sell was her G sring but the only way she would sell it to him was if he stretched them over his pants and wore them back to the hotel.I was dying and could not wait to get back to the hotel room where we had the web cam set up and see this....

He gave her $100 for the panties and pulled them over his pissy pants.She was laughing so hard I thought she was going to hyperventilate and I was not doing much better.Then she told him he had to bargain for he zapper and she set his balls on fire again.The club was filtering down to just the people that had surrounded them and all was laughing as the Ms Hell Cat made him scream.She told him to get to his knees and suck her toes for that zapper and she slipped her shoe off that she had been standing on all night and slipped her toes into his mouth.He suckled them and licked her beautiful arches until she gave him the zapper.

He walked the trilling walk of Shame back to his hotel that only a true humiliation junkie can understand back to his hotel.I seen on his web cam as he walked into the room with the G string over his pants with a big wet stain running down his leg.I ordered him to drop his pants and take the zapper off.

Mark grabbed his cock and he was rock hard.I instructed him to start to slowly stroke his cock with just his finger tips....He was moaning and begging....

Ohhhhhhhhh I am such a tease ....You will just have to call me and ask me what happend after that or just wait until part two ha ha ha......

1-866-687-3717 ext 170

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