Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines Day Special!!!!!

Hi there everyone. We have some new members and I want to welcome all the new kinky members to my little naughty land. Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. I wanted to do something fun this year…..I am running a Valentines Day Special…..If you buy an hour block of naughty time with me for 109.99 you get 20 minutes free…..That means you get 80 minutes of hot and nasty phone sex for 109.99.That is 50.00 off my normal rate…You can use these minutes all at once or break them up into 20 minutes per week or anyway you want to do it you just must spend your minutes within 30 days….

I have had some pretty awesome calls here lately. I always laugh when they call me and say they are into “everything” they obviously do not know whom they are speaking to because “ everything” is a tall order in my neck of the woods. I had one this last week that I asked what he was into and he said “ everything“. I gave it to him with both barrels and OMG what a nasty little slut.I think this one likes BBC more than I do…..Now that is saying a lot LOL

I would have to say at this point Ben gets the crown for my nastiest slut but now if there is anyone that wants to challenge him please let me know yall can have a show down for that position but before you do let me just say there was a bed post involved in the last call and noooooooo he did not get tied to it ….I have had so much fun playing with you this week…..

I also have another that is not going to be far from where I am moving to….Now this little slut likes all kinds of naughty things that I can not even talk about here ha ha ha and that is saying a lot…..

I will not be here Saturday because I will be driving north to go see my new place I am going to be living and I just checked and it will be snowing…..I have never in my life driven in snow…..I need some fur boots like Ms Brandi’s….

I am going to get logged in and check my email…..If you wish to partake in my Valentines Day special you must use my pay buttons on my web page…

Baby ryan you need to contact me with your naughty little ass….I bet you are in that snow in your panties right now sucking BBC ha ha ha but you need to check in I have an assignment for you slut J

Lady Sassa

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