Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From the Desk of your "Stroke Mistress" 12/18/07

Okkkkk he he he to all my domination calls get comfy now we need to talk....Ok when you call me and say you wanted to be had by a sultry dominate woman well you have got what you are looking for.And when you go so far as to say.....I will do anything you ask...See there is that word.You should all take note here no matter what kind of caller you are and yall know I do it all and I have all kinds but see this word anything to a kinky bitch such as I will get you in much trouble.And when you hang up when anything gets a bit deep for ya you get blocked.I have walked in tthe pro world a bit too much and I do respect limits but when you call me with that word it means you have none and nither do I.So use this word with caution.I can understand if something is totally a turn off and you don't want to play in an area.But when you ask for it you say anything then I ask you again "are you willing to do anything for me" giving you one more chance...And you say yes.Don't puss up and hang up when the call gets a bit hot for ya :)You see I have some callers that fully understand this and they push the button knowing what they are going to get.If you choose to go there dont be a baby ( he he he love that term) and puss up.You think you got me and I am sitting here after laughing my ass off over a glass of wine and the one thing that is going though my mind is what a pussy LOL.I have some totally devoted pets and they have spoiled me rotten and I demand that respect from all.You ether put me on the pedestal I deserve to stand on or don't dial this number and when you want to bring that side out of me you wont have to ask twice he he he.Buttttt as they say if you cant run with the big dogs do yourself a huuuuuuuuuge favor and stay on the porch.Now I am going to run and slip into something sexy drink a glass of wine while I log in and see who I am wanting to play with today.I have been getting a lot of sissy sluts lately and I will have to tell you it is a huge turn on for a man to be before me in a pair of panties begging to please me in any way they possibly can.I soooooooo can think of a few he he he.Now I have not been around much the past several days.You see I have a new horse and I have been spending lots of time with her...You know I am a very multifaceted Mistress.I have a side of me that is so very soft you could never think I would do any wrong....But then again there is the flip side when my big green eyes flash and then that evil smile comes across my lush lips...Oh you wont be able to decide witch side of me you like better because you will know them both.I can be the very thing that makes you breath each morning but then again in the very same thought you will know I may also be your destruction...all you know is your need me.You have to have your time on the other end of my line as you do all I wish he he he.You are already addicted :) I know it and so do you...But for those new boys....You need to all look up the word anything and be wise as to where you use it :) You ask and you will receive...Now that is a promise ....

Mistress Sassa