Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shadows of the Submissive Soul

Shadows of the Submissive Soul

I see my pet....I see your commitment I see your loyalty.I see your face when you feel like you cant take any more but your mouth will not allow the code word to fall from your lips.I see my pet....I see your will to please.I see your giving all of yourself as you look upon me in your eyes my pet I am the most perfect creature that ever walked this earth.I see my pet....I see the extra mile you take when doing your assignments for me.I see my pet ...I see your emails when I am gone a few days having my little fun vacations at the spurt of the moment...I see my pet ..your loyal nature and your trust you have bestowed upon me....You see my pet....Your mouth can runnith over as many do of your devotion to me.It is your actions my little slut that makes you my bestiest bitch...That position is earned and does not come easily.....

Merry Christmas
Mistress Sassa

Monday, December 15, 2008

AC/DC Concert

I wanted to let all my sluts know I will be going to the AC/DC concert in Atlanta tomarrow night so I will not be taking calls.I will be back Wed night and if I am not totaly wore out from having just too much fun then I will log in...I am taking a few subs with me and it is going to be a lot of fun.Will miss all you sluts....

Mistress Sassa

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle Balls :) from the desk of your stroke Mistress....

I wanted to tell you about this weeks adventure.You know I love to name my pets to protect my lovers of all things nasty and wicked "grin".This weeks little adventure was with my pet jingle bells LOL.You see I could this little slut stroking when not instructed on the phone and I just could not trust him so I made him put some little bells on his cock on a rubber band around his balls.I would order him to stop stoking and I could hear them bells and that was a fine.This little slut had to go right to the computer and pay his fine for stroking without permission.Well you see jingle bells wanted to amuse his Mistress and asked if there was anything he could to get permission to cum.A wicked idea came to mind.I have been in the Christmas spirit all day and I wanted to hear jingle bells....I had slave grasp my cock in his right hand at the base.I grinned and told him that he had 2 minutes to stroke and he had to single jingle bells " all the way" ha ha ha
Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Saturday, December 6, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress 12/06

I spent most of this week putting my up my Christmas tree.I pulled out the ornaments that my little subs sent me last year and it brought a smile to my face.Jem jem sent me one that had blue feathers all over it.It looks just like jem jem to me.Ace of course is responsible for the tinker bell tree topper.I remember when Carl had an " accidental" orgasim ( rolls eyes) and was ordered to my wish list and he got me the beautiful hand blown Siamese cats for my tree.
I have had some fun naughty calls today pretty much because I am in a naughty mood ha ha ha.I want all my sissys to be in there red panties this weekend.
I have to say for those of you following the Frank saga he went to a strip club last night and also to the adult books store.He is going back for me tonight and Frank is one of those subs that I know will do anything I ask and I do plan on pushing some buttons tonight.Frank has another Mistress he has played with for two years and we are working together to bring little franky just where he needs to be on his knees.
My little Amazon slut Chris is back.He thought he could live without Mistress but he was mistaken.He knows it excites him for me to use and abuse him.
You should all check out the captions in the group.Ryan has been hard at work...hard is the key word here.This little sassy bitch has a few things coming.I have a few plans for this one when he gets back state side.Do not think I can not make fantacys a reality in the blink of an eye.
I had better get back to work.I have a stroker that has not came in a month waiting with a cantaloupe and a pack of pop rocks...Now just wrap your minds around that one LOL....Ace knows all about cantaloupes and pop rocks dont ya ace...

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning from The Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Good Morning all my little pets :) I had a rather awesome night myself.I know I have gotten in late this weekend due ...well to some " unforeseen acts of pleasure" ha ha ha.I also have a house slave that was so kind as to build Sister her own little barn for my early Christmas present.It was a joint present from my three little local pets.You should have seen them nailing away in the cold while I stood by in my fur boots and ear muffs drinking hot express and smiling at the progress.I am looking around at there tools and craftsmanship and I am thinking I will have them build me a bondage bed also soon.LOL It tickles me to have them be so joyful to be so servant.Now that is the mark of a good pet.I love to know what areas my pets like to be of service in.I have a few there job is to just brighten my day with.Those are normally a few of my sissy "girlfriends" they are being of service to me just the same.They are always the first to send me a bottle of new perfume that has come out or a warm cashmere scarf.They call me on cold mornings and get Mistress out of bed to ask what panties go with what bra...giggles and roll's eyes playfully LOL.Then there is my stroker sluts that call me early in the mornings raging hard on after a hot dream about meeeeeeeeeeee he he he.My Anna called me this morning.Anna aka Vegas slut everyone keeps asking me about.That was a true story andddddddd not only that Anna has a little time around Christmas that we will be playing in a hotel and I may have some of you give me some ideas of how to get this little bondage slut into some big trouble.I make sure Anna is well tanked up for the party and that little slut will be skipping around the hotel like Tinkerbell.This cold has all of my pets all horney it seems.I have been on the phone all morning getting hot and playing naughty.
Mistress Sassa
Queen Of Sassa's Kinky Land

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday!!!! to all my little kinky pets :)

Good Morning.I have had one wild weekend in Sassa's Kinky Land.First of all I got to sink my nails into one of my favorite real time sluts and lets just say I am betting he is a little sore this morning.I had a fun call I had to tell yall about.This slut we will call "a".My little Texas slut you know who you are."a" could not keep his willy out of strange women so his wife sent him to he hypnotized and every time you say " the bitch is back" he turns into a raging slut and likes cum ha ha ha what a twist of events.This slut asked me to find the word to get him out of it.Nooooooooo way I like it when a woman has her man under control.I need to talk to this woman and find out how she did this.I know a few I would like to use it on ha ha ha!!!!I had a pile of cocks to control this weekend you know how I love my stroke addicts.I have been thinking about something interactive.I love to play spades and there is a web site...Pogo.I want to pick three of my callers to play with me one night a week.I think it would be fun for Mistress to kick your ass in some spades and it is totally free.I am going to pick one special caller to actually be my partner in spades.I feel it will be fun how many of you sluts know how to play ? Ok I better get back to work paulie is in her panties waiting on me....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hi there all my little sluts out in Sassa's Kinky Land.I am in a wild mood today.I know...I know when am I not LOL.I wanted to let you know that Sissy Ryan has been hard at work again adding his captions to my yahoo group.If you are a member of my group just take a peek in the file section to see what has been in this naughty little sluts mind...Ace is back.I have ordered Ace to drop all extra activities and hand over the cock.It has been a while my sweet little tiger and I am in a wild mood this weekend.I am thinking it is high time to get this cock back under control.
I have gotten some rather wonderful Prezzies this week that I wanted to tell you about.Bob sent me an amazing vibrator to play with this thing is amazing.I had to put in in my deck so I could get some work done today.I got a beautiful Saddle from my Anna.I will think of you my nasty bitch every time my sweet little ass straddles that saddle.My Texas slut is back and knew Mistress needed a new Louie.Ohhh my little lustful pantie bitch.You know who you belong to and you know where you always come back you are so in trouble.I had a new caller today Chris.Chris is a new slut of mine and we hit it off right off the bad.Chris is now Chrissy and I am going to have fun turning this little bitch out.Chrissy loves it sit and watch porn all day and run that little thing.I have taken control of that micro dick and I have Chrissy on my special cum management program.In other words that pathetic little cock is mine those balls are mine and those cummies are oh so mine.I was gone last weekend I just needed to lay my hands on some real flesh to torture and tease.You know how it is....I am going to be logged in and ready to play all weekend.I am even going to have a few hours this weekend you can call me for 1.29 a min.I will post to my yahoo form only when this is taking place so if you are not a member then you had better sign up....I am going to log in and play a while.You know where to find me....

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

I have been off having a little much needed fun this weekend.I am back today and ready to play.I just got tickets for the AC/DC concert in Dec that is going to be in Atlanta.Ohhhhh I can not wait to dance to the song live .It is my favorite one AC/DC ever made and I am going to be so naughty when they start blasting this one.Could you not imagine being the lucky one around me when they play she's got the jack.I think in my case I would like to change it to hes got the jack.Whew I do love my boys jacking for me day on end.I had better get to work so many cocks to control so little time in the day LOL I am going to be on today until about noon then I am going to saddle up for an afternoon ride then I will be back in later.I may get to play with my little New York Pet that has well earned himself a Sassa's Bitch Tag for his collar.Those are not easy to come by :)

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wild Calls From Vegas

Anna and I have been playing for years.As most of you know the phone can sometimes lead to some challenges when you have a sassy little slut.Anna needed a little vacation and decided to go to Los Vegas for a few days.Anna is into chasity and bondage I just love it and has all kids of cool toys to play with.Anna packed all the kinky gear and checked into the hotel as a man.I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was rolling that bag with all of our kinky gear into the hotel.Anna said the bag was so heavy the bell hop ask what was in there.I had instructed Anna to start drinking upon her arrival and we had a call planned for 1 am I wanted her totally dressed when she called.Anna called that first night and it took me about an hour just to get her to the elevator dressed as Anna the tequila was hitting hard and before I knew it Anna was sitting down at the slot machines in her long red wig and giggling like a school girl.When we got back up to the room.I had Anna dress in her slut gear.By this time Anna was really drunk.We played for a while and I had Anna go out and tape her chasity keys under the vending machines.I locked Anna in ankle cuffs and sent her to bed all dressed in her very sluttiest attire heels stockings and all.I told her I would wake her up at 7 am and she had to do as she was told.I knew 7 am was going to come and Anna was still going to be in a haze.It took four phone calls before I could wake the slut up enough to answer the phone.I instructed Anna to go down and get some ice....lots of ice....I had Anna but her cuff and chasity keys in the ice stuffed into a stocking with a rope that went though the towel holder and she was hog tied on the bathroom floor with the only way out the keys that would not come to her until the ice melted.I waited for her to get totally in her sub haze as she does when she is tied.Then I put Anna on hold and I called the Maid service at the hotel....I told them I had left my curling iron on and I would not be able to get back to the hotel for an hour.They said they would be glad to check for me....I got back on the phone with Anna and I could already hear the ice beating against the towel rack as Anna was struggling trying to get out.I was laughing my ass off as I told Anna the maids was on the way.Anna was struggling and I could hear all the banging coming from the bathroom.I had Anna set up a web cam in the room so I could see the maids come in.I saw a security guard come in and leave back out Anna was really struggling he he he I could not stop laughing.I heard ice shatter everywhere hitting the tile floor as I seen Anna come into view of the cam in full Anna gear with make up smeared from the night before her skirt was flying as she rounded the corner and got to the door just as the maids was coming in.Anna told them the curling iron was fine.I bet they had a site.As hard as it was to get Anna out of that room the night before running back in each time she seen someone.She sure did not have a problem in this world answering that door as Anna.We had a lot of other fun in Vegas.This was defiantly the highlight of our trip.Anna I had a wonderful time in Vegas.I feel a true Dom and Sub relationship is a give and take and we have played on many levels.You have always been a joy to play with.I will be giggling about Vegas when I am 100 years old.

Mistress Sassa

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

I have a very good naughty weekend and logged in this morning to talk to a few of my sluts.It is storming today and something about a strom just brings the evil out in me LOL I got my anklet from Dennis thankies so very much.It is on my ankle right now and it is almost as beautiful as I am.I got a call from one little slut sitting on the side of the highway dick in hand needing to stroke you know how much I love that LOL I was in a good mood so I did let him cum but I made him eat it.I knew he was a naughty little cum eater LOL There is something about that slurping that just does it for me LOL Charles is my new little Sassa Addict.Charles has given me totaly control over his cock and has been doing every single thing I asked.I am thinking of some fun little assignments for this little bitch.He knows his place.I better get logged back in I am ready for some fun.

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

:) I have had quite a morning with all my little office kinky strokers.It just tickles me to see just how naughty I can make a man at work.Just the thought that he is sitting at that desk with a hard just thrills me.Come to think of it I love being naughty in public places.I would love to hear about your own personal naughtiest adventures.LOL If you do not have any then that is more reason to call because we will just fix that.I better get back to my calls I have some appointments today then that sweet little cowboy is coming over to help me for a while.Last week I had him so flusterated he was studdering LOL

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

It is Thursday and I have had a good time today.Monty called and we had looooooots of kinky play this morning.Monty is my little cucky boy :)I had 2 of my stroke addicts call today.They are both under control now.They was spending there life whacking off all the time so I had to take control and they are not allowed to touch those cocks unless my sweet little voice is ringing in there ear telling them to do so.I have had several of you back that I have not played with in a while.I know one thing is for sure.You will always come back.You cant help it my voice is as intoxicating as the sweet smell of a soft summer rain.I have been working with a local slave some and I have sure been doing some interesting things to this little bitch.He of course had a little wanking problem (((he he he)).Today I called and had him come by and I snapped a CB-6000 on him so I have this little gold key on this little gold chain around my neck....He cried as I teased him until that cock was numb in that cage.Ohhhhh he so had it coming.He said he would do anything in this world if I would show him my beautiful little puddin.What audacity for a pet to ask such.Well I showed it to him then I informed him anything meant locking up for me.Then after I got him all locked up I tied him up and rubbed my panties all over his face till his cock was about to bust the cage.Oh what a little peek can cost and you know me I just adore the word anything LOL Well I am logging in to take some calls that really got me in a kinky little mood.

Mistress Sassa

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday everyone.I always just love Mondays.I hope everyone had a good weekend I know I sure did.It is so hot in the south right now the trees are begging the dogs to piss on them.We had a pretty rough storm come though the other day.I always log in during a storm.I think it makes me absolutely wicked.When I smell rain coming I just go straight into lust mode.My callers that have had the pleasure of calling me during a storm knows just what i am talking about.I am going to work on getting some of the stroking assignment audio up.You can listen to those while I am not here LOL.So you can just have a little Sassa 24 hours a day.Now isn't that just thrilling.Bill....I got the new spurs thank u very much.These look so hot on my black iguana boots....When I put them on I turn my own self on he he he now that is bad LOL Ok!!!I am getting a bit naughty I need to log into NF and make a little money burning this hot energy off....I am saving for a new horse trailer so you will see me around quite a bit.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday all my fans out in Sassa Land :)

I have been having a ball this weekend as some of you know this cowgirl has a new ride and he has been a lot of fun LOL...I got to do a little naughty play between all my fun this weekend.I am having a little special as most of you know I am normaly 1.99 a min and for a few days I am going to be 1.69 a min.Now yall dont go thinking I am going to stay there I am just feeling especialy naughty this week and I want to stay on the phone talking about all the little naughty things in my head night and day LOL

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Night in Sassa's Kinky Land

I am going to be out today.I know all my little pets are going to miss me muchas but Sister has been patiently waiting on a day she could spend with her Mistress on her back today we are going for a long ride.I had so much fun last night I just had to tell everyone before I left about 3 rather amazing calls I had yesterday.Amy called my little cum eating sissy.....yes you know the one that has made thousands of loads over the years and oh so not waisted a drop.Well this little sissy got on web cam for me yesterday totally naked and made the first load for his 30 day challange.He was so obedient and such a naughty little slut.The challenge is he has to make and eat 80 loads for me in 30 days.We are going to keep a weekly count as to how many loads each week and he is going to have to web cam so no cheeting.If he makes and eats 80 loads amy gets a personal audio from me for his prize but if he fails he gets to buy me a 100$ amazon gift card and yall know how much I love those gift cards.I have my eyes on a new Stetson over there.Troy called yesterday also he is the one that left that wonderful little note I shared with all of you.lets just say we wore that cock out.He said that he would do just anything for me and well anything included going to my wish list and he got me the cutist pair of tommy hilfinger flippers to wear to the beach and one sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy pair of back seam cuban foot stockings to wear.I just may have to make some pictures in these.Then late last night my new york buddy ims me and he said he is ready to play.He had been reading this book Exit to Eden by Anne Rice.One of the few books of hers I have not read and wanted to role play a scene in the book.He was a sassy little pet.I had him chained and cuffed and then there was a double dildo with a cum button.I dont want to spoil the book for any of you but you must read this book I had one of the biggest Orgasms in my life and pretty much had to log out after LOL.I am going to load up my saddle and slip on my new Tony Lama Iguana boots ( thank you Steve).I hope everyone has a wonderful hand humping sunday.I will be logging in tonight you can be sure.Something about having 1000 lbs of muscle between my legs all day just makes me well you know LOL

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letter from a pet I had fun with last night...

I played with one of my stroker pets last night I have taken total control of his cock his balls and those orgasms are oh so mine.I know boys will be boys and they will try and sneak a play with my toys I thought I would share the letter with everyone..

Ms. Sassa,

After we spoke I thought I would just release and go to bed, and you wouldn't know. After all, we hung up, so how could you control it? Well, at least a half dozen times I tried, and as soon as the pressure built each time, I heard your amazingly seductive voice telling me who it belongs to... and I was unable to release. I don't understand what you did, but literally each time all I could do was feel the ache as the pressure fell back down at your command. It took hours to fall asleep like that, I must've half-awoke a dozen times from the discomfort, and even this morning when I finally did wake up my first thought was your command. Again I thought I could get away with just releasing and putting an end to it.... and again I was powerless to control it over hearing you take possession. Then it hit me that you might have been serious about holding the lock and key, and that's when the panic set it... could she really do that? But how could I deny it, being exhausted from little sleep with this aching that makes it hard to sit still I realized I had to find out, and so I find myself telling you all the things I thought you wouldn't know, not knowing what you intend to do, but needing to find out if you intended to do all these things, that are also


Now I warn you when I take that cock it is oh so mine :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

What was your first phone sex experiance?

There was a little post asking what was your first phone sex experiance.I got so excited when I got to thinking about mine that I decided to post it here....

Mine was long ago in fact high school LOL.I managed to get the hot new Gym teachers phone number.Several of us would prank call him all the time.Well my voice as some of you who call me know is verrry sultry and southern and is very distinct.Well one night I was board and a date had not went as well as planned so I dialed the single coaches phone number.I had smoked a little whoo hoo that night and the subject got naughty.I didn't think at this point he knew who I was and I just went for it.He got to asking me questions and I got to really teasing him and I could hear his breath get shaky and I thought to myself he is jacking it I just know it.I had 4 brothers and we lived in a little farm house and trust me I knew the sound.So I asked him are you jacking off.He said yes Sassa you have turned me on since the first day I seen you in them gym shorts in my office and that was the first time I knew he knew it was me calling him.It didn't take him long to cum.We never played as far as him touching me and there was sure a lot of smiles in Gym class but until the day I went to collage at least a few times a week I would call for a little hot phone action LOL I guess that is where my phone fetish was born LOL a long with a few other little kinks of mine LOL Thank you Sara I have not thought of that in a while now....Ok boys someone needs to call tonight and be my hot Gym teacher...I would like for you to tell me about your first phone sex experience....


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have bondage on the brain today :)

Hi there all my little kinky ones :) I have always loved bondage as a lot of my callers do and you know how much I adore youtube.Well I ran across this today and it shows a wonderful way to tie a restraint.I have used this way myself many times and it is very safe yet very affective LOL As you all know safe and effective does not go hand in hand many times so I thought I would share this with all of my readers.Someone is getting tied up this weekend LOL You can bet your sweet ass on that one LOL ryan has also been working on some new captions for my yahoo group.I know I have had many of you asking about them.You should keep a check because there will be some more soon he he he and it makes him really red for all of you to know what a little slut is living in that head of his LOL I do wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.I will be in and out over the weekend.I was having a party here butttttt I got invited to this really fun party on Panama City Beach so I think I may just forgo the mess at my house and head for the one at the Beach LOL But you can bet I will be getting out the rope this weekend LOL

Mistress Sassa

Monday, June 23, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

Well tonight has proved to be a lot of fun.I decided to log in tonight to get some work done on some new audios I am working on.I am waiting on my Atlanta bitch to fly in from out of town because we have not played in a while and I know there is going to be some good hot wild fucking and sucking going on and I am soooooo not going to be the one fucked LOL And I get a call from this little Chinese guy.Well you see he had an issue with the size of his cock.We will call this little fella "A".Well A tells me that he has only had sex one time and this was two years ago.Now if that isnt about pathetic he says it was with a escort.Well Well LOL Only had sex one time he was 26 years old and he had to pay for that time.....I had to find out more...Well A said his cock was only 3.5 inches and he had a hard time feeling anything and he wanted to ask me what sex felt like.I myself am trying to imagine sex with a 3.5 inch cock and LMAO I just dont see that one ever happening.He said he is only attracted to white women and he does not know why white women do not go for Asian men....LMAO well duh we have all seen the videos.Now yall know I am a huge fan of porn.Every Asian man I have ever seen has had a rice dick.I told A that Asians must have a small dick chromosome just like black men have a big dick chromosome and there was just not much he could do about it.Well A tell me he is going to rent him another escort for his birthday and really wanted to feel what sex felt like.Well I suggested that he pay the extra to fuck the escort in the ass and I dont think she will stress much with that 3 inch cock so he should be able to talk her into it and it may just be tight enough he could feel something.Then I told him when he gets that little thing in there to slip two fingers in her pussy to make it a little tighter on his little rice dick in her ass and whew he had the biggest orgasm just thinking about that.LMAO he was a lot of fun and I cant wait till August so he can tell me all about it LOL....Then when I get off the phone with A and I am still giggling thinking about him telling he about trying to swingers party where he was scared to take his towel off when my little Atlanta bitch calls LOL....he he he lets just say I was already in the mood to be devious as hell and he got it with both barrels as we say down south LOL.....We always have fun but I think I had much more than he did LOL Whew all this naughty and on a Sunday he he he....I better get back to work and get ready for my Monday morning office strokers....LOL I am in a wild mood this morning they better be careful LOL You never know with me when you are going to bite off a bit more than you can chew LMAO.....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Friday, June 6, 2008

:) Friday

I wanted to let all my callers know I will be out of town tomorrow I am going on a 25 mile canoe run...I will be back late tomorrow night.I know how much yall are going to miss me he he he.I will be taking calls some this evening but I am leaving at 5 am so I will be logging off early tonight to get packed and ready.

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wed ...from the desk of your Stroke Mistress

Hi there all my sluts in Sassa's kinky land :) I have been off a few days but I am back now.As most of you know other than being a kinky bitch I also ride horses and sometimes that is all I want to do and I had a few days where I just wanted to ride whew all that thrusting got to me a bit so time to get back to playing with all my sluts :)I have some new members here and I want you all to introduce yourself.I also added a new audio on niteflirt of one of my actual over the knee spanking sessions that is quite fun.You may just want to listen to that one.I am also working on adding some weekly stroke assignments in the form of audios on NF.I have many of you on stroke management you know I love controlling cock more than just about anything so I think this is going to be fun.Just for fun and see how many are reading the forum every email I get at NF that says .....I am sassa's bitch will get 2 free min :) I am also putting all the names in the hat of my calls this month over 10 min to draw for a free dog tag that says Sassa's Bitch.Now ace can tell you how hard it is to earn one of those LOL.You must tell me on the call to add you in the drawing because it will involve giving me an address to send it to...This is going to be fun :)Well I have to get logged in I have been away a few days and my sluts seem ready to play.....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My little cum eater :)

I just had to tell you about my first call this morning.As you all know I have been partying all weekend soooooooooo I didnt log in to take calls until this morning....Well I was not logged in 5 minutes when I get this call....We will just call this caller "A".A called and was telling me he was hungry this morning a giggle came across my face because I knew he wasnt calling to tell me he was about to make some toast....Well come to find out this little looser slut has ate every drop of cum he has made since 1992 we added it up best we could with my head still in a fog from my weekend and we figure since 1992 this slut has had about 10,000 loads of cum LMAO how pathetic is this...Well you know I had to send this little slut off on a mission and this sluts homework for today is to go buy some pink panties ( can you imagine a slut like this not having any?) and some rubber bands.He gets 3 free min if he calls me from the store and hands the phone to the sales lady LMAO Oh you so know I wont be nice.....Then he is to take a picture of himself in panties with Miss Sassas Slut wrote on his belly so I can post it for all of you to see.Nowwwwwww lets get this straight right now...My real men out there and I do have a few real men callers noooooooooooo do not put on panties but if your cock is below 6 inches you are not a real man and you need to get some panties and just bitch up for me LOL I have all kinds of ways you can put a smile on my face since you dont have enough cock to put one of my face that way LOL Well I am logging back in to talk to a few more sluts before I am off to ride today :)Every call today that is 20 min gets 3 free min today......

Mistress Sassa

Monday, May 12, 2008

On the way home !!!!!

Hi there everyone.I have been at the beach again this weekend LOL I just could not help myself LOL I am on the way back this morning and I think I have had my fill of the beach for a little while LOL Well maybe for a few weeks...I went deep sea fishing on a charter boat ( had one hot little deck hand he he he )He made sure Mistress did not break a nail but I did catch the biggest snapper on the boat and won 400$ LOL OK I didnt really catch the biggest snapper but I talked the one that did out of his LMAO Well I am going to be packing my things and heading back home to all my little pets.I will be logging in this afternoon when I get home....So get ready for a wild ride because I am so in the mood...Coming home with the top down and lots of wind in my hair......

Mistress Sassa
Taking over the world one cock at a time

Thursday, May 8, 2008

strokers and sissy sluts ohhhhhhhh my!!!!!

Hi there all my little sluts in kinky land.I have been having quite a lot of fun here lately and thought I would fill all of you in.As most of you know I am into all kinds of things.I have been in a rather wicked mood here lately.I have been setting jims cock on fire LOL he lost it this morning and went to speaking in some language I didn't understand but I hung up and laughed my ass off.Ace still has not had a cummie yet it has been just too much fun to hear that little wimper when I tell him he needs to take his hand off and wait a few more days LOL...Then there was my little cum eater LOL Ohhhhhh you dont call me with the word anything and it not perk me up LOL I think that little slut found out what the word anything meant.I have had some fun cuck calls LOL Now there is a huuuuuuuuge turn on.My A is back and we have been having some fun fun fun .....A finally seen that he is just a little faggot it took a while but once a little cock sucker always a little cock sucker I think.I am mighty partial to big black cock myself I am suchhhhhhhhhh a little size queen that brings me to another call I had last night with a closet case size queen we will just call Jade.Jades name was jim but you see I had to change it when he got to telling me that this black guy at working was making him suck cock behind the building while he had lipstick on.Now does this sound like something a real man would do? Noooooooooope sounds like a bitch to me...He lost his wife to big black cock and he just didn't know why LOL This little slut would watch for anyone coming while this black studd muffin fucked his wife in the conference room LMAO....Then his little faggot ass would have to clean it up after...I had to ask and it seems she just could not handle his little 3 inch dick any more LOL...He has to always make sure to have his lipstick in his pocket so if that black stud wants to fuck that face he can open up so we changed his name to Jade and got rid of all his underwear.He is much closer to having a clitty than a cock anyway and clittys belong in panties.I better get back to the phones.....

Mistress Sassa
Taking over the world one cock at a time

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ohhhhhhhh I am having fun....

Hi there all my sluts out in kinky land.I am at Thunder Beach this
weekend in Panama City Beach
http://www.thunderb eachproductions. com/ I am taking calls from my hotel
room this weekend between events we are having a little rain at the
moment so I am logging in LOL....If any of you are close to the area
there is 1000s of harleys lots of boobs and thongs everywhere and a
party on every corner...The clubs are full the sluts both male and
female is wild and I even saw some chicks riding the strip this morning
buck naked on the back of Harleys he he he ....I just may not make it
home tomorrow.... I get in a wild mood and I want to play with my sluts
so beware if you call I am in a naughty mood....Ohhhhhh My little slut
that is on his business trip.He called night before last not a cock in
site and was crying about it....Well I googled adult book store and
even called them to tell them my naughty bitch was on the way...Then
told him where to go he went to saying it was late and it was a little
far to walk so we sent his ass a cab to take him......Lets just say he
got a belly full LMAO Becarful what you wish for I may just wave my
mistress wand and grant it LOL

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From the desk of your Stroke Mistress......

HI there all my kinky pets....I know I was not online last night but you see I had a kinky little pet all tied up out buy the pool and I was just having too much fun.Lets just say this one will be walking funny for a few days LOL.Speeking of the pool here in the south summer is here days are in the 80s now and I have been spending lots of time tanning...The only thing is when I am on my float in the sun my mind of course goes into kink mode and I have lots of time to think of loooooooooots of things to do to yall LOL...I will be logging in more this week.I thought about logging in while I was in the pool tanning naked LOL.Ohhhhhhhh that little sissy boy next door was peeking over the fince yesterday LOL....That little bitch forgot he liked cock for a min but I was fast to remind him LOL.....He was sitting there rubbing that absurdly small thing thinking I could not see him......That is ok before the weeks out I will have him on the end of my strap on and pay for that peek he will LOL Well I am logging in now....Call me if you dare I am in one wicked mood today.....Ohhhhhhh Looser boy the shoes got here and I wore them on my run yesterday...Would you so not love to have sucked my precious toes when I got home LOL

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Having fun in the Sun!!!!!

I have one wild weekend.Ace is getting better at using the Garmen now LOL We went to Aneros Hinge.My eyes lit up at the thought of what slut those things fit in....Of corse ace had his aneros in when we pulled up.I was teasing him without mercy.Running my long nails though that little lock teasingly.Ace was complaining his back was sore we had been driving so much so I ordered him a special massage cushion for the car that when I hit a little button it sends a little shock right up though that aneros LOL So far he is staying in the road.I do think that word anytttttttttttthing isnt far....I seen those lips quiver last night as we was riding into the moonlight with the top down with the radio on and my hips swinging back and forth like a erotic pendulum...I dont know how much more ace can take his balls are big as soft balls now.I am making him sit on ice bags he he he ...I am taking calls from all over the world for a while....We was going to pick up Jem Jem and Billy Bear but lucky for them ace has bought me soooooooooo many shoes trying to get some cummie brownie points that we have no more room in the car...I sit with my stockings on while ace drives and change them every hour.....

Mistress Sassa

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot and wild morning aaaaaaaaaalready :)

HI there all my members of Sassa's Kinky Land....I know I have not wrote much this week but I have been running a lot.I had a hot hot call this morning I just had to write about.There are some calls that just turn me on from my head to my toes.I have not got to talk to my toy for a while and he called ready to be my little sissy bitch and there is something about this one we both get in this head space where it just just raw naughty.He got to tell me about my trip to Atlanta where I had that little sissy bitch in panties in my hotel room before the night was over with LOL The thought of him on his knees for me sucking that big black cock was just sooooo hot.Whew I am going to have to log out a while and take care of a little something LOL I will be back in just a bit LOL

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I will be back tomarrow....

Well I had a friend stop by today and I am in Atlanta for the night.I will check my email when I get back to the hotel tonight....I just had an itch to play tonight and this is the city to do it in LOL What happens in old Atl stays in Atl LOL Well I am off with a spare pair of panties in my bag tonight...I wonder what man is heading out right now with no idea he will be my bitch before the night is over LOL Yall have a good one and slave Mark.....No u you cant touch it tonight he he he.

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My New Yahoo Group

I have a brand new Yahoo group that I just opend today and I am so excited some of my absolute favorite callers has already signed up.This group is for everyone with a little kinky bone he he he. I do have a few of you with a rather large kinky bone.I will have specials on my listing that will just be posted to the group.I want all my readers and callers to join.I think it is going to be a lot of fun.If you have personal blogs you can send me your link and I can add them into the link section.I will also be posting some audios in the file section you can download for free.You may post scripts there you would like me to consider for recording.

Mistress Sassa

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Strapons and Panties Oh My !!!!!!!

I had some verrrrrry hot calls tonight.I love what I do and I just could not imagine doing anything else. What else could I do sitting in my nighty sipping a glass of wine and have soooooooooo much fun.When I get up in the mornings when most people are rushing off to there 9 to 5 I am sitting there with my coffee and thinking about all my calls from the night before.I just never know what is going to be a turn on for me from one day to the next.I think my kink is being kinky to be honest.This morning my thoughts was on strap on play.....These calls are just amazing to me.I had 4 back to back strapon calls. Well maybe I was just geared for it today I don't know but I am going to have to start sitting on a towel in my desk chair because just the thought of making a man go to his knees and suck my strap on is just soooooooooo hot to me.I have dated many manly cocky men and just between you and I ....I have never ever not talked one into at least sucking a strapon.If I get to put them in some panties before hand eveeeeeeeeen better LOL.....

Friday, April 4, 2008

LMAO someone is so in for it this weekend...

This picture gave me ideas...Looking through computer at christy LMAO.....Ohhhhh get your printer ready my slutty one....I want you to make one just like this but I want it to say....

Dildo for sale...My Mistress said I have become way to big of a slut for the old one and it just falls out so I must sell it and buy a big huge black one....And be sure and write your phone number on the little pull off thingies. I want a pic of this on a pole near a gay bar in town...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

Hi there all my little pets out in Sassa's land of kink....I was a little under the weather for a few days but I am mucha better now.....Christy is back from the ocean and was ready to be my bitch last night LOL I have some fun things in store for this little slut this week LOL....Last night she had to sleep with a dildo in her whoo ha for me and she made the mistake of telling me she wanted to bend me over and take me ......Ha Ha Ha...Now I love to be bent over and taken like any woman but my little christy does not have what it takes to be a real man and she should know her place and not knowing her place and getting brave enough to make a comment like that cost her a trip to my wish list and quite a bit of begging and pleading later I did forgive her little mistake LOL...She has decided to be a slut for me so we have her all listing on Craigs list because I know she just wants to suck cock and you know I am your Kinky Island Mistress and if you have a desire I assure you I am very capable of making it happen....So be careful what you wish for my sweets :)I got a sweet letter from a pet of mine I wanted to share with you.....I was like I said a bit under the weather and we didnt get to play ....Now this is dedication so you should all take note.....


No dominant goddess should ever be sick. I'd gladly take the flu for you if I could. Wouldn't that be kinda hot if I could? A true sign of submission. I gotta find the technology for that. :)

I'm so horny, but really enjoying my state of frustration and horniness. Especially knowing it's for a Queen like you.

slave XXXXX

That brought a huge smile to my face.Some of you can learn some hints from this pet..Well it has been quite some time since we locked that cock up I think maybe a few more weeks LOL But this is a fine example of dedication.Kim if you are out there my little hypno pet...You are getting very eager to dial your mistress....You just cant much take it any more.You know your life is nothing without me.....I am waiting my sweet tonight looks like a good night to play....Well I am logging in now hope to talk to all of you very soon....

Your Queen of Naughty
Mistress Sassa

Friday, March 28, 2008

I am going to be away from the computer today but will be logging in.I will check my email every few hours.I am quite a little devious mood today so get ready for some fun if you call.I will be taking calls tonight also.If you have a particular time you would like to call you can make an appointment.I am going to be cutting some audios this weekend and if you are a writer or maybe you are not a writer and just have a wild kinky imagination and you would like to write a script for me to consider email them to me....If you write an script and I use it you get 5 free minutes of hot kinky fun with me.....

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ohhhh I had a fun time with this little shrimp dick LOL

glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text myspace

I had to write and tell yall about a call I had yesterday...Reggie has been calling me for a while.Reggie was cursed with a little 2 inch willy.I say willy because 2 inches isnt a cock.Reggie has a love affair going with his couch.I guess if you are that tiny you should never subject a woman's beautiful goddess pussy to such so you have to be a couch humper.I thought it was only proper to name this poor couch.I named her Lola...He he he....I made reggie tell Lola he loved her and made him run his tongue between the cushions and eat Lola's pussy....Then he was ready to slide that little willy between them cushions.He was moaning and groaning and I am sure enjoying it much more than poor Lola...Well he didn't last long pumping and wiggling away and all the sudden I heard him cumming right into Lola.I then made him eat that cum out of Lola's pussy and tell her how much he loved her....To hear him cuddling that couch had me about to fall out of my chair laughing....I didn't know who I felt more sorry for my little 2 inch boy that the only pussy he can get is a couch or poor Lola who even as a sofa deserves more than a 2 inch cock LOL

Mistress Sassa

Monday, March 24, 2008

I will be out a few hours today....

It is such a beautiful day and I had such an amazing morning already.One of my little naughty sluts really outdid there selves this morning and has left a never ending smile on my face today...I am going to go saddle up and ride Sister for a while today she is itching to run some LOL....I will be back taking calls at 6pm Central time.....I will be working all night tonight so yall get your kinky caps on he he he Easter weekend proved to be my most kinky ever.....Talk to you soon...

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning in Sassa's Kinky Land

Hmmmmmm it is Easter morning and my little Pets are waking up with kink on the mind LOL.I got my first call at 5 am.This little pet said he woke up and in his basked he had found an aneros and a cb60000.He wanted to know if I had any idea of what to do with these things.....Ohhhhhhhh did I have a few ideas he he he.I had this little pet crying when I teased him to do end then made him lock up and toss the key out the window into the hedge below....He is out there now fishing for that key while that cb is full of a raging Sassa induced hard on LOL.....I was so going to take off today since it is Easter and all but I think I am going to hang out a while and take a few more calls I am having too much fun he he he ....

Mistress Sassa

Friday, March 21, 2008

Had some fun today with my "pussy boy"

I have had some really fun calls today.I had my toy call me and we got to talking about my pimping him out to a mass load of rather dark complected studd muffins.You know a real woman needs a real cock and if you dont have one you should be in panties....That is just the way it is...Then my "pussy boy" called.Pussy boy keeps his keys to his cb2000 in a mail box about four hours away....he he he.He had to drive almost 9 hours round trip just to maybe be able to cum.He drove there unlocked the cb2000 and then drove back home.When he called me he had a chair set up with his legs cuffed and one hand cuffed to the chair and another set of cuffs dangling to lock his stroking hand up with...I let him stroke for a few minutes.I was just having too much fun and he had been 7 weeks at this point without a cummie he he he.This little puss started crying when I made him cuff the other hand.....His crying made me even wetter.So needless to say he didnt get to cum today...Pussy boy is going to write me a full report on our fun we had today and I will post it so all of you can laugh as much as I did.My cheeks was sore after our call.This little slut is going to be soooooooooo much fun to torment I am already thinking about our next call.It was just one of those days where you just have to sit back and smile and think.... I so love my job.I got christy this morning she is on an oil rig but I am making her wear panties he he he.She sent me a 50$ amazon gift card today for my birthday.Christy is finaly starting to see that she is a slut and she can never be a real man.Christy also knows better than to try and resist me.I always get my way he he he....

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi there everyone :)

yeaaaaaaaaaa tomorrow is my birthday :)I have had many ask if I was going to be working tomorrow.I sure am :)I had some rather interesting calls today already.I had a call from a car that was amazing lets just say it involved lipstick cigarettes and quite a wild imagination.I had fun and S if you are reading this I sent you an email with the color I want you to get that item we talked about in for our call later he he he.I had my little stroker slut call this morning and we had a verrrrrrrrrrry good time he he he.I am going to log in for a while it is raining and it has me in a pretty wild mood :)

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 16, 2008

what a weekend :)

I am telling you spring fever is hitting me LOL I have been in the garden all day planting blueberry's and raspberry bushes.I was thinking about all the hot calls I have had the past few days.I have one wild stable of pets he he he.I have been thinking about having our own forum.I know sometimes you get busy and you cant call and tell me how amazing I am everyday but you could post questions and so forth on there and we can talk about anything kinky know me I can make something kinky out of about anything.I was trimming the rose bushes today and could not help but think how fun those thorns would be on just the right ass LOL.Thank you to my mystery shopper that got the amazing book for me.I cant wait to curl up with this one.I am just to the second chapter and already I have some kinky ideas for you this week LOL.I had another mystery shopper that sent me a beautiful little ring that says " to thine on self be true." You know that statement is so true.I didnt get to go for my ride today.I sold Sisters friend and she has been a pissy missy today.Well,I am going to log in and play a while those rose bushes got me going LOL.Yall have a wonderful Sunday.....My pets your assignment for today is to do something kinky.Do something that makes your blood rush and makes you feel alive.If you cant think of anything call me and I will give you an idea or two LOL......Ok I am off to log in tonight.I dont have any appts tonight because I normally take off on Sunday nights so if you have been trying to call and I have been busy tonight may be a good night to catch me.Be ready to play though I am in one of my moods LOL

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Fever in Miss Sassa's Kinky Land

Hi there all my loyal pets.I know your Stroke Mistress has not been around as much latly.Well,there has been a lot going on and I think I have had a touch of spring fever.I want you all to mark your calanders my birthday is March 20th.Now I know yall wont forget.I am going to be taking calls a lot this week so yall better remember to tell me happy b day because you love nothing better than putting a smile on my face.I have been taking a few calls here and there and it seems the min I log in one of my naughty boys is ready to call.I had a new one call yesterday that well put a huge smile on my face.I have been diddling with a little hypnosis.I have my Kim so addicted to me he cant resist my voice.Ofcourse I have hypnotized him to spoil me rotten at all times.Speeking of spoiling rotten everyone should check out my wish list.There are many things on there that would so bring a smile to my face.You know it does not matter if it is 20$ or $1000 it is always nice when one goes out of there way to make there Mistress feel special.I had a rather long hot call from one of my new pets :)We talked about my favorite destination Amsterdam.I could just imagine what fun it would be to take a pet down into the window shops and pick my poison he he he that would be like a Mistress in a candy store.Well I am going to take a long hot bubble bath then I am going to log in to play with some of my late night pets that I have been missing.Talk to you soon....

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am back from the beah :)

Hi there all my boys out there in Sassa's kinky land.Yes, your mistress had to take a little time out for some fun I had a caller Thursday night that was telling me about one of his rather kinky escapades at the beach and how much fun it was and I just had to go I am not a few hours from the coast so I called my cousin Ella and she said one of the clubs that way was hopping and I could feel the sun already on my face so I packed up my sandals and tossed my bags in the car took the top off and to the beach I went.Now.....I had all intentions of doing a little shopping and being back home to play with my callers last night.But....Lets just say it was just too much fun.It just so happened some friends of ours from the base there was just home from that dreadful desert and they was ready for some good American fun.You know it was my patriotic duty to show our boys a good time.Well We didnt get back to Ellas till 6 am this morning.I did get there in time to make it before the fish market closed and bought some fresh shrimp and grooper.Oh and a red snapper.You can walk the dock and buy the fish right off the fishing boats as they come in.I had a good time but I am ready to play LOL.So I am going to get everything unpacked and get the fish in the freezer and I am going to take sister for a ride today.I will see you all tonight....

Mistress Sassa

Saturday, March 1, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

As some of you noticed I was out doing a bit of partying last night.MY favorite fly boy is home from the desert and I took him out last night and showed him some good old American fun.I got home early this morning and I was still wanting to play some so I logged in and it wasn't five minutes and I got this call.It was a new callers to me and I knew instantly it was going to be hot.His name was Pat and he said those magic words that just lit me up."I love big black cock" well not dont we all he he he.Well Pat was sporting his very best panties for me and he is going to be my new sissy slut :)Now yall dont tell him about all the little assignments I give my sluts he he he I am going to break this one in easy he is so much fun to play with.All I have to say is Pat,any time he he he any time...Yall know I do not share nude pics very often but I have decided the absolute naughtiest caller by midnight Sunday night gets two totally nude pics of me for your wacking pleasure.Lets see just how naughty yall can be....I know you have it in you :)

Miss Sassa
Your Guide to all those naughty realms in your mind you never told a soul about......

Monday, February 18, 2008

From the Desk of Your Stroke Mistress

I there my little kinky pets :)I didnt get to log in last night there was some tornados here.I dont have a storm shelter here so I had to go to the big farm next to me but we had fun LOL I played poker in a storm shelter with a few cowboys most of the night.He He He yall cant blame me now for not coming home.Oh by midnight the storms was over but by that time we was having so much fun I just stayed.There is one I think likes to wear panties.I caught just a hint of lace when he bent over the other day...Yes...I know what you are thinking...exactly what I am thinking he he he You know now I do love manly tough men that wear panties LOL...Well I will be sure and keep yall posted on how it goes.I have now been a full month totally just working for Niteflirt.I think this is just the best company I have ever worked with.I will be adding some listings this week and I am not saying when but I am going to have a 1.29 night coming soon :)I will post it 24 hrs in advance on my blog so yall better keep checking :)Well I am going to log in I have some naughty office boys that call monday mornings.Yall take care and I hope all had a wonderful weekend.I am going to log in till about 2 pm today.Then tonight I will be on all night.

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey every out in Kinky Land :)

I have not been around as much the past few days.It has been a bit warm and I have to admit I got a mild case of spring fever :)I have been hanging out with the love of my life Sister and her buddy Sugar.I have been taking a few calls here and there and let me tell you it has been naughty.I even had a call from Iraq this week.Ohhhh that soldier boy was a nice willing little bitch :)I am down with the bear paw LOL private joke :)Yall all look up at my new banner :)One of my most special callers made it for me for Valentines day :)Groooooooowl baby :)I have been having a pile of English morning callers here lately....When I hear that accent I always know it is going to be an all out naughty fest he he he.Ok I am going to log in soon.You know your Mistress has to have her bubble bath before logging in :)If you are calling tonight be warned I am in a very naughty mood and a bit more devious than usual.Ohhhhhhhh.....last but surly not least.I have a new punishment for some of you naughty boys...A CD Chastity Mistress is now working with me some.I will be sending two of you over to serve her for session....Dont worry my faithful readers..I will be sure to give a full report."M" you need to email in that you have completed your homework...Dont think I forgot.You have a little purchase to make for our next call:)I had one call today that had finished his shopping trip.I got so tickled at him sitting there with that little cock on web cam asking me if it was big enough for me....LOL Now do I look like the kind of woman that likes a tiny little cock ?LOL....Dont forget your homework this week :)Ok I am off to get my bubble bath :)Contact me if you think you would like a round with my Chastity Mistress :) he he he I dare you :)

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Click here for your song for the week LOL :) HMmmmmmmmmm now everyone has to write me a poem about there dicks....Ok heading out to party....See ya sluts tomarrow night :)

Mistress Sassa :)


Hi all my members of the club of the Morally Flexable.I am going to be off today and tonight :) I know I know yall are going to Miss me soooooooo much but you Mistress needs to party a little :) Well maybe a lot ha ha ha ...So yall stroke them kinky bones till I get back :)I have a little steam to let off then I will be back :)I will be taking calls Friday night :)

Mistress Sassa

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday night started off with a bang ....

Well Friday night started off with a bang.I was sleepy after my long hot bubble bath so I took a nap and really logged in later than I wanted to I was not logged in five min and Andy calls :)By the end of the call I wasn't real sure who should be paying who LOL.Now I was trying to talk Andy into going pro..I am not sure if he will or not I will keep yall posted but talent is talent and this one has a kinky bone a mile long :)he he he

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day in the life of The Mistress of Kink

Well I have had some verrrrrrrrry fun calls this week.I think every day now that was the wildest call ever then it isnt very long before another one takes that place.To get you all up to date on the goings on in Sassa land well as you all know I am now full time at Nite Flirt yeaaaaaaaa.I was working somewhere else but you guys was spoiling me so that I just decided to play here at nite flirt full time :) Yeaaaaaaaaa Besides you guys are the kinkiest bunch of bitches I have yet to see LOL.I am having a ball.Just last night I had one of my sassiest callers ever to call me from a hotel room LOL Well lets just say she pushed a bit and pussed up on a direct order and I am going to let this sassy thing think she got away with it for a day or so.....I will keep you posted.I had some new pets call this morning.One well see he lives with lets just say and older woman that well without giving too much away he has been kept for up to a month totally naked and this little thing had a thing for stockings let me tell ya LOL Then I had someone call me from there car they was taking a little business trip he started off the call with saying he was ready to get his new addiction on the way he hehe ....Now you know nothing turns me on more than being naughty in an automobile we had a willllllllld time.Ohhhhhh I got the beautiful gown that Ray sent me.I was looking good last night while taking my calls I am telling you :)As you will see in the links section.Oh you know who you are dont forget your shopping trip before you call tomorrow pink panties pink lacy panties and a butt plug :) he he he I will be waiting.Ok I better get logged in and get ready to have some fun tonight I have been thinking of many naughty things to do to yall tonight.Ohhhhhhh I almost forgot....Tomorrow make sure you check my blog about noon I am doing something special tomorrow night but you will know about it here first.....

Mistress Sassa