Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From the desk of your Stroke Mistress......

HI there all my kinky pets....I know I was not online last night but you see I had a kinky little pet all tied up out buy the pool and I was just having too much fun.Lets just say this one will be walking funny for a few days LOL.Speeking of the pool here in the south summer is here days are in the 80s now and I have been spending lots of time tanning...The only thing is when I am on my float in the sun my mind of course goes into kink mode and I have lots of time to think of loooooooooots of things to do to yall LOL...I will be logging in more this week.I thought about logging in while I was in the pool tanning naked LOL.Ohhhhhhhh that little sissy boy next door was peeking over the fince yesterday LOL....That little bitch forgot he liked cock for a min but I was fast to remind him LOL.....He was sitting there rubbing that absurdly small thing thinking I could not see him......That is ok before the weeks out I will have him on the end of my strap on and pay for that peek he will LOL Well I am logging in now....Call me if you dare I am in one wicked mood today.....Ohhhhhhh Looser boy the shoes got here and I wore them on my run yesterday...Would you so not love to have sucked my precious toes when I got home LOL

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Having fun in the Sun!!!!!

I have one wild weekend.Ace is getting better at using the Garmen now LOL We went to Aneros Hinge.My eyes lit up at the thought of what slut those things fit in....Of corse ace had his aneros in when we pulled up.I was teasing him without mercy.Running my long nails though that little lock teasingly.Ace was complaining his back was sore we had been driving so much so I ordered him a special massage cushion for the car that when I hit a little button it sends a little shock right up though that aneros LOL So far he is staying in the road.I do think that word anytttttttttttthing isnt far....I seen those lips quiver last night as we was riding into the moonlight with the top down with the radio on and my hips swinging back and forth like a erotic pendulum...I dont know how much more ace can take his balls are big as soft balls now.I am making him sit on ice bags he he he ...I am taking calls from all over the world for a while....We was going to pick up Jem Jem and Billy Bear but lucky for them ace has bought me soooooooooo many shoes trying to get some cummie brownie points that we have no more room in the car...I sit with my stockings on while ace drives and change them every hour.....

Mistress Sassa

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot and wild morning aaaaaaaaaalready :)

HI there all my members of Sassa's Kinky Land....I know I have not wrote much this week but I have been running a lot.I had a hot hot call this morning I just had to write about.There are some calls that just turn me on from my head to my toes.I have not got to talk to my toy for a while and he called ready to be my little sissy bitch and there is something about this one we both get in this head space where it just just raw naughty.He got to tell me about my trip to Atlanta where I had that little sissy bitch in panties in my hotel room before the night was over with LOL The thought of him on his knees for me sucking that big black cock was just sooooo hot.Whew I am going to have to log out a while and take care of a little something LOL I will be back in just a bit LOL

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I will be back tomarrow....

Well I had a friend stop by today and I am in Atlanta for the night.I will check my email when I get back to the hotel tonight....I just had an itch to play tonight and this is the city to do it in LOL What happens in old Atl stays in Atl LOL Well I am off with a spare pair of panties in my bag tonight...I wonder what man is heading out right now with no idea he will be my bitch before the night is over LOL Yall have a good one and slave Mark.....No u you cant touch it tonight he he he.

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My New Yahoo Group

I have a brand new Yahoo group that I just opend today and I am so excited some of my absolute favorite callers has already signed up.This group is for everyone with a little kinky bone he he he. I do have a few of you with a rather large kinky bone.I will have specials on my listing that will just be posted to the group.I want all my readers and callers to join.I think it is going to be a lot of fun.If you have personal blogs you can send me your link and I can add them into the link section.I will also be posting some audios in the file section you can download for free.You may post scripts there you would like me to consider for recording.

Mistress Sassa

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Strapons and Panties Oh My !!!!!!!

I had some verrrrrry hot calls tonight.I love what I do and I just could not imagine doing anything else. What else could I do sitting in my nighty sipping a glass of wine and have soooooooooo much fun.When I get up in the mornings when most people are rushing off to there 9 to 5 I am sitting there with my coffee and thinking about all my calls from the night before.I just never know what is going to be a turn on for me from one day to the next.I think my kink is being kinky to be honest.This morning my thoughts was on strap on play.....These calls are just amazing to me.I had 4 back to back strapon calls. Well maybe I was just geared for it today I don't know but I am going to have to start sitting on a towel in my desk chair because just the thought of making a man go to his knees and suck my strap on is just soooooooooo hot to me.I have dated many manly cocky men and just between you and I ....I have never ever not talked one into at least sucking a strapon.If I get to put them in some panties before hand eveeeeeeeeen better LOL.....

Friday, April 4, 2008

LMAO someone is so in for it this weekend...

This picture gave me ideas...Looking through computer at christy LMAO.....Ohhhhh get your printer ready my slutty one....I want you to make one just like this but I want it to say....

Dildo for sale...My Mistress said I have become way to big of a slut for the old one and it just falls out so I must sell it and buy a big huge black one....And be sure and write your phone number on the little pull off thingies. I want a pic of this on a pole near a gay bar in town...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

Hi there all my little pets out in Sassa's land of kink....I was a little under the weather for a few days but I am mucha better now.....Christy is back from the ocean and was ready to be my bitch last night LOL I have some fun things in store for this little slut this week LOL....Last night she had to sleep with a dildo in her whoo ha for me and she made the mistake of telling me she wanted to bend me over and take me ......Ha Ha Ha...Now I love to be bent over and taken like any woman but my little christy does not have what it takes to be a real man and she should know her place and not knowing her place and getting brave enough to make a comment like that cost her a trip to my wish list and quite a bit of begging and pleading later I did forgive her little mistake LOL...She has decided to be a slut for me so we have her all listing on Craigs list because I know she just wants to suck cock and you know I am your Kinky Island Mistress and if you have a desire I assure you I am very capable of making it happen....So be careful what you wish for my sweets :)I got a sweet letter from a pet of mine I wanted to share with you.....I was like I said a bit under the weather and we didnt get to play ....Now this is dedication so you should all take note.....


No dominant goddess should ever be sick. I'd gladly take the flu for you if I could. Wouldn't that be kinda hot if I could? A true sign of submission. I gotta find the technology for that. :)

I'm so horny, but really enjoying my state of frustration and horniness. Especially knowing it's for a Queen like you.

slave XXXXX

That brought a huge smile to my face.Some of you can learn some hints from this pet..Well it has been quite some time since we locked that cock up I think maybe a few more weeks LOL But this is a fine example of dedication.Kim if you are out there my little hypno pet...You are getting very eager to dial your mistress....You just cant much take it any more.You know your life is nothing without me.....I am waiting my sweet tonight looks like a good night to play....Well I am logging in now hope to talk to all of you very soon....

Your Queen of Naughty
Mistress Sassa