Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yesterdays Calls.....

I had so much fun yesterday with calls.....I had a kinky slut from Memphis call and a hot hot hot call from a new caller in Chicago.....they were just my flavor so to speak.....Sure left a smile on my face all day :)

It is a slow drizzle rain today.I was going to the mountain to hike with my Bestie but the rain has me inside so going to log in and hope for some more naughty fun today.....

I love the rain and I have some hot kinky fantasy's about the rain....the question for the day is.....

What is the kinkist thing you have done in the rain.....come on sluts fess up....The Queen wants to know....

Queen Sassa

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall !!!!!

As all of you know the sunshine brings me outside in the sunshine :) With Fall here most of you that have been with me for years know I am logged in more :) I know many of you keep asking about Annie.....Annie and I have parted ways for good this time.....Annie has decided that living life as someone she is not is what she wants.....Yall ....know I am a huge advocate of being who you ....Own not pretend to be someone you are not simply to please all around you....I understand that part of your life must me lived this way because of choices society had you make.....But in Sassa Land .....I know what you are deep down....I can see beyond the fa├žade you fool the rest of the world with....I am the Queen of Mind Fuck......I was born to be the Bosstress....

Queen Sassa

Monday, February 25, 2013

:) Going to be gone a few days :)

Your Queen will be out and about a few not worry my pets I will return just out enjoying life like a Diva should :) I will be back before you know it :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

:) Valentines Day !!

I am sure yall are not shocked I will not be logging in tonight and if I do it will be late :) noooooo cummies for my little sluts on cum control :) Queen Sassa :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

I will not be logged in tonight !!

I know all of my little pets are going to pout but I am going out clubbing with my girls tonight....I will be logging in come morning dont yall worry :) Queen Sassa


Moving today so may be in and out :) I have had some amazing calls and it is so good to be back !!!! I may not be at a computer today so if you wish to call just go ahead and catch me if you see me logged in for a lil naughty break lol I know how much yall like me post yalls little naughty notes to me.....the naughtiest note I get today I will cut an audio of myself reading it lol and you will get a free copy :) So bring it on lil sluts.....Tell me how much you have missed the Queen.... P.S.Just so yall know my top bitch Annie has been relieved of service for just truly not being worthy of the position.....So that spot is open and I will be looking at the sluts I have now and their dedication to see who will take the place only one can hold of my top bitch..... Queen Sassa

Love this one !!!! every woman should find her FIRE :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am back on my mountain today....There is a cool rain coming down and it just brings the beast out in me.....I have opened the windows....lit my favorite candles ( thank u boo ) and slipped into my favorite silky gown....heels stockings and pearls ohh my :) I am logged in today for a while....I am in total mindfuctress mode so cum play at your own risk....The Queen is rather addictive if I must say so myself.... Question for the day is...What is the naughtiest thing you have done in the rain ? Maybe if you are lucky I will tell you about some of my naughty little adventures in the rain :) The Queen

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SEC Kicked Ass !!!

I must say SEC just tossed those boys around the field like twigs.....Many can not understand why the SEC is so dominate.... 1.The south does not just watch football we live it.You will not find a more insane fan base anywhere... 2.Every little boy from the time he can walk has a ball in his hand and for many the only way they are going to collage is to do it well....If you sit and watch a little league game in the south you will see the mothers and fathers already planning their little mans NFL career..... 3.Country boys are just flat more physically take a farm boy that tosses bales of hay all day....eats from a garden and hunts and does not live so much on that unhealthy mess we have in the grocery store that is not fit for a dog much less a human....we do not have the pollution in these little farm towns that most have in bigger cities.... 4.The cheerleaders.....from the time they hit JR high school.....the absolute hottest southern girls are cheerleaders....I was a cheerleader and let me tell you if you was not on that football team you was NOT going to turn my head....I personally like Centers.....I find quarterbacks to be a little feminine LOL they always did have a place in my fun LOL....if you sat on the bench you was out of not only the football game but you was not getting much game after as well.... That is just a little of why I feel the SEC is so dominate :) And of course I am The Queen so I am always right.... Queen Sassa

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013