Friday, February 6, 2009

The Weekend is here in Sassa's Little Naughty Land

Yeaaaaa the weekend is here and it is cold outside so I am just going to log in and play with all my little pets this weekend.I am feeling very devious today to say the least so if you are new to calling me please be forwarned LOL If you have been calling me you know that divious is just something to expect from me from time to time.Little Debbie has been shopping for foot trainers.I have been having this little slut wear heels every night when she gets home from work.I would like to make her wear the trainers at night.Valentines Day is near and you know that is absolutly my favorite holiday.I will have a Valentines Day special for a few hours that day so watch my forum and blog to know when I am going to be having a special.I will be logged in all weekend except Sunday morning.The weather should be nice so I will be riding my horse Sunday morning.I love to ride and think about devious things to do to my callers.Speeking of devious callers baby ryan has been back at it with the captions LOL this little slut sooooooooo wants some BBC ....just does not know it yet.LOL Be sure to check them out in the file section of my forum.Baby Ryan is sure telling on himself LOL I am going to get logged back in and get your naughty caps on and call this weekend.
Mistress Sassa

Monday, February 2, 2009

I wanted to take a few minutes and say hi to everyone.I have had the flu but I am getting back to full swing again (no pun intended he he he) Valentines day is coming.Those that know me know this is my very favorite holliday.I wanted to send Valentines Day cards this year to some of my callers.I know some of you are married and can not get mail at the house.I want everyone that wants a Valentines Day card from me to email me to my personal email you would like to know what I would like and you would like to put a smile on my face you can check out my wishlist at Amazon.
Mistress Sassa