Friday, January 30, 2009

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

I woke up from the hottest dream.I had been reading before bed on one of my favorite erotic story sites Literotica.If you have never been to that site you should really check it out.They have something there for everyone.I was dreaming about getting fucked by huge cock while my little cuck was sitting on the corner in panties stroking his little dick.I reached over to my night stand where I had a brand new vibrator that one of my callers bought me off my wish list and turned it on.I gently touched it to my nipples and my pussy instantly got wet.I eased the vibrator down my body and slid it deep inside my wet little pussy.It felt so amazing deep inside of me.I pulled it back just a little then rubbed it against my hot erect little clit.I have got myself off three times since waking and I am going to log into Nite Flirt for a while.My next caller better be ready I am in a very wicked mood.

Mistress Sassa