Monday, February 18, 2008

From the Desk of Your Stroke Mistress

I there my little kinky pets :)I didnt get to log in last night there was some tornados here.I dont have a storm shelter here so I had to go to the big farm next to me but we had fun LOL I played poker in a storm shelter with a few cowboys most of the night.He He He yall cant blame me now for not coming home.Oh by midnight the storms was over but by that time we was having so much fun I just stayed.There is one I think likes to wear panties.I caught just a hint of lace when he bent over the other day...Yes...I know what you are thinking...exactly what I am thinking he he he You know now I do love manly tough men that wear panties LOL...Well I will be sure and keep yall posted on how it goes.I have now been a full month totally just working for Niteflirt.I think this is just the best company I have ever worked with.I will be adding some listings this week and I am not saying when but I am going to have a 1.29 night coming soon :)I will post it 24 hrs in advance on my blog so yall better keep checking :)Well I am going to log in I have some naughty office boys that call monday mornings.Yall take care and I hope all had a wonderful weekend.I am going to log in till about 2 pm today.Then tonight I will be on all night.

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey every out in Kinky Land :)

I have not been around as much the past few days.It has been a bit warm and I have to admit I got a mild case of spring fever :)I have been hanging out with the love of my life Sister and her buddy Sugar.I have been taking a few calls here and there and let me tell you it has been naughty.I even had a call from Iraq this week.Ohhhh that soldier boy was a nice willing little bitch :)I am down with the bear paw LOL private joke :)Yall all look up at my new banner :)One of my most special callers made it for me for Valentines day :)Groooooooowl baby :)I have been having a pile of English morning callers here lately....When I hear that accent I always know it is going to be an all out naughty fest he he he.Ok I am going to log in soon.You know your Mistress has to have her bubble bath before logging in :)If you are calling tonight be warned I am in a very naughty mood and a bit more devious than usual.Ohhhhhhhh.....last but surly not least.I have a new punishment for some of you naughty boys...A CD Chastity Mistress is now working with me some.I will be sending two of you over to serve her for session....Dont worry my faithful readers..I will be sure to give a full report."M" you need to email in that you have completed your homework...Dont think I forgot.You have a little purchase to make for our next call:)I had one call today that had finished his shopping trip.I got so tickled at him sitting there with that little cock on web cam asking me if it was big enough for me....LOL Now do I look like the kind of woman that likes a tiny little cock ?LOL....Dont forget your homework this week :)Ok I am off to get my bubble bath :)Contact me if you think you would like a round with my Chastity Mistress :) he he he I dare you :)

Mistress Sassa