Monday, March 29, 2010

April Fun!!!!!

...I have a naughty little special for you....I love being able to relax and have a good time and I know for many money is tight....This month you can buy a 30 min block of naughty time with me for $38.99....This gives you 10 minutes free...You may split this into three ten minute calls and that will mean one of the 10 minute calls are free.....Or use the whole 30 minutes at once...We just need to use the time up within 30 days :)You must ask for the April special...

And for everyone....I am giving away a free pair of my panties this month.Ohhhhhh can u just imagine rubbing my panties youuuuuuuu know where while you talk to me?...Every call you doa call with me this month you may ask to be in the drawing...
1-866-687-3717 ext 170

I will draw a name out of the box April 30th...You must have somewhere I can mail this to you...I have a personal goal to get a pair of my panties in all 50 states...You will also get a free 10 minute call to be used when you receive the panties...Plus another little kinky prize....I am so not telling what it is :)

As most of you know I hit the big 40 last week so I am an official Cougar now :) Thank you to each one of my callers that wished me a Happy Birthday...Stuart was sooooooooooo wonderful to send me some Kona and a pair of super hot stockings for my birthday...

Jake....hummmmmmmm that glass dildo you sent got here yesterday and if yall want to know why I was not logged in well lets just say I love love love it lots :)

I got to play with baby ryan this morning I will let the little bitch tell you what she is going to be doing this summer LOL he he he I have so much fun with that one...

Chris gave me a $200 amazon gift card.I think I am going to buy more shoes LOL I have such a shoe fetish.I like for the slut to be on the phone with me while I spend it so I am saving it until we talk today :)

I did have a wonderful birthday....Be sure and ask me about the naughty fun I had the night of my b day :) It is a little dirty to put here but if you ask me on the phone I will be more than happy to give you the run down of how it went down...

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

I am Backkkkkkkkkkk :)

Hi there everyone :) I am back and I am all moved in and let me tell ya the city is waaaaaaaay different.I think they must have taken the rule out of the driving manual that states you should be at least one car length per 10 miles an hour behind the next car.

Butttt I am tickled that I picked such a great location I am very close to a military base and this means there is lots and lots of big black cock in uniform living around me...

I got up early this morning and made a pot of Kona and just enjoyed the view LOL

I am going to have some wonderful naughty adventures here and I will be sure to keep all of you posted on my vulgar endeavors.

Right upstairs in fact is two chocolate pilots :) They are so cocky but my teasing will break them down and they will be my new fuck toys soon LOL

I will be logged in pretty much all the time now so there is just no telling what I am going to be up to when you call...

I am itching to play not playing for a week during the move about killed me LOL well there was the one guy at the rest stop....well I will tell yall about that some other time LOL

I am back and ready to play

Lady Sassa