Monday, May 12, 2008

On the way home !!!!!

Hi there everyone.I have been at the beach again this weekend LOL I just could not help myself LOL I am on the way back this morning and I think I have had my fill of the beach for a little while LOL Well maybe for a few weeks...I went deep sea fishing on a charter boat ( had one hot little deck hand he he he )He made sure Mistress did not break a nail but I did catch the biggest snapper on the boat and won 400$ LOL OK I didnt really catch the biggest snapper but I talked the one that did out of his LMAO Well I am going to be packing my things and heading back home to all my little pets.I will be logging in this afternoon when I get home....So get ready for a wild ride because I am so in the mood...Coming home with the top down and lots of wind in my hair......

Mistress Sassa
Taking over the world one cock at a time

Thursday, May 8, 2008

strokers and sissy sluts ohhhhhhhh my!!!!!

Hi there all my little sluts in kinky land.I have been having quite a lot of fun here lately and thought I would fill all of you in.As most of you know I am into all kinds of things.I have been in a rather wicked mood here lately.I have been setting jims cock on fire LOL he lost it this morning and went to speaking in some language I didn't understand but I hung up and laughed my ass off.Ace still has not had a cummie yet it has been just too much fun to hear that little wimper when I tell him he needs to take his hand off and wait a few more days LOL...Then there was my little cum eater LOL Ohhhhhh you dont call me with the word anything and it not perk me up LOL I think that little slut found out what the word anything meant.I have had some fun cuck calls LOL Now there is a huuuuuuuuge turn on.My A is back and we have been having some fun fun fun .....A finally seen that he is just a little faggot it took a while but once a little cock sucker always a little cock sucker I think.I am mighty partial to big black cock myself I am suchhhhhhhhhh a little size queen that brings me to another call I had last night with a closet case size queen we will just call Jade.Jades name was jim but you see I had to change it when he got to telling me that this black guy at working was making him suck cock behind the building while he had lipstick on.Now does this sound like something a real man would do? Noooooooooope sounds like a bitch to me...He lost his wife to big black cock and he just didn't know why LOL This little slut would watch for anyone coming while this black studd muffin fucked his wife in the conference room LMAO....Then his little faggot ass would have to clean it up after...I had to ask and it seems she just could not handle his little 3 inch dick any more LOL...He has to always make sure to have his lipstick in his pocket so if that black stud wants to fuck that face he can open up so we changed his name to Jade and got rid of all his underwear.He is much closer to having a clitty than a cock anyway and clittys belong in panties.I better get back to the phones.....

Mistress Sassa
Taking over the world one cock at a time

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ohhhhhhhh I am having fun....

Hi there all my sluts out in kinky land.I am at Thunder Beach this
weekend in Panama City Beach
http://www.thunderb eachproductions. com/ I am taking calls from my hotel
room this weekend between events we are having a little rain at the
moment so I am logging in LOL....If any of you are close to the area
there is 1000s of harleys lots of boobs and thongs everywhere and a
party on every corner...The clubs are full the sluts both male and
female is wild and I even saw some chicks riding the strip this morning
buck naked on the back of Harleys he he he ....I just may not make it
home tomorrow.... I get in a wild mood and I want to play with my sluts
so beware if you call I am in a naughty mood....Ohhhhhh My little slut
that is on his business trip.He called night before last not a cock in
site and was crying about it....Well I googled adult book store and
even called them to tell them my naughty bitch was on the way...Then
told him where to go he went to saying it was late and it was a little
far to walk so we sent his ass a cab to take him......Lets just say he
got a belly full LMAO Becarful what you wish for I may just wave my
mistress wand and grant it LOL

Mistress Sassa