Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

It is Thursday and I have had a good time today.Monty called and we had looooooots of kinky play this morning.Monty is my little cucky boy :)I had 2 of my stroke addicts call today.They are both under control now.They was spending there life whacking off all the time so I had to take control and they are not allowed to touch those cocks unless my sweet little voice is ringing in there ear telling them to do so.I have had several of you back that I have not played with in a while.I know one thing is for sure.You will always come back.You cant help it my voice is as intoxicating as the sweet smell of a soft summer rain.I have been working with a local slave some and I have sure been doing some interesting things to this little bitch.He of course had a little wanking problem (((he he he)).Today I called and had him come by and I snapped a CB-6000 on him so I have this little gold key on this little gold chain around my neck....He cried as I teased him until that cock was numb in that cage.Ohhhhh he so had it coming.He said he would do anything in this world if I would show him my beautiful little puddin.What audacity for a pet to ask such.Well I showed it to him then I informed him anything meant locking up for me.Then after I got him all locked up I tied him up and rubbed my panties all over his face till his cock was about to bust the cage.Oh what a little peek can cost and you know me I just adore the word anything LOL Well I am logging in to take some calls that really got me in a kinky little mood.

Mistress Sassa

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday everyone.I always just love Mondays.I hope everyone had a good weekend I know I sure did.It is so hot in the south right now the trees are begging the dogs to piss on them.We had a pretty rough storm come though the other day.I always log in during a storm.I think it makes me absolutely wicked.When I smell rain coming I just go straight into lust mode.My callers that have had the pleasure of calling me during a storm knows just what i am talking about.I am going to work on getting some of the stroking assignment audio up.You can listen to those while I am not here LOL.So you can just have a little Sassa 24 hours a day.Now isn't that just thrilling.Bill....I got the new spurs thank u very much.These look so hot on my black iguana boots....When I put them on I turn my own self on he he he now that is bad LOL Ok!!!I am getting a bit naughty I need to log into NF and make a little money burning this hot energy off....I am saving for a new horse trailer so you will see me around quite a bit.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday all my fans out in Sassa Land :)

I have been having a ball this weekend as some of you know this cowgirl has a new ride and he has been a lot of fun LOL...I got to do a little naughty play between all my fun this weekend.I am having a little special as most of you know I am normaly 1.99 a min and for a few days I am going to be 1.69 a min.Now yall dont go thinking I am going to stay there I am just feeling especialy naughty this week and I want to stay on the phone talking about all the little naughty things in my head night and day LOL

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Night in Sassa's Kinky Land

I am going to be out today.I know all my little pets are going to miss me muchas but Sister has been patiently waiting on a day she could spend with her Mistress on her back today we are going for a long ride.I had so much fun last night I just had to tell everyone before I left about 3 rather amazing calls I had yesterday.Amy called my little cum eating sissy.....yes you know the one that has made thousands of loads over the years and oh so not waisted a drop.Well this little sissy got on web cam for me yesterday totally naked and made the first load for his 30 day challange.He was so obedient and such a naughty little slut.The challenge is he has to make and eat 80 loads for me in 30 days.We are going to keep a weekly count as to how many loads each week and he is going to have to web cam so no cheeting.If he makes and eats 80 loads amy gets a personal audio from me for his prize but if he fails he gets to buy me a 100$ amazon gift card and yall know how much I love those gift cards.I have my eyes on a new Stetson over there.Troy called yesterday also he is the one that left that wonderful little note I shared with all of you.lets just say we wore that cock out.He said that he would do just anything for me and well anything included going to my wish list and he got me the cutist pair of tommy hilfinger flippers to wear to the beach and one sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy pair of back seam cuban foot stockings to wear.I just may have to make some pictures in these.Then late last night my new york buddy ims me and he said he is ready to play.He had been reading this book Exit to Eden by Anne Rice.One of the few books of hers I have not read and wanted to role play a scene in the book.He was a sassy little pet.I had him chained and cuffed and then there was a double dildo with a cum button.I dont want to spoil the book for any of you but you must read this book I had one of the biggest Orgasms in my life and pretty much had to log out after LOL.I am going to load up my saddle and slip on my new Tony Lama Iguana boots ( thank you Steve).I hope everyone has a wonderful hand humping sunday.I will be logging in tonight you can be sure.Something about having 1000 lbs of muscle between my legs all day just makes me well you know LOL

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letter from a pet I had fun with last night...

I played with one of my stroker pets last night I have taken total control of his cock his balls and those orgasms are oh so mine.I know boys will be boys and they will try and sneak a play with my toys I thought I would share the letter with everyone..

Ms. Sassa,

After we spoke I thought I would just release and go to bed, and you wouldn't know. After all, we hung up, so how could you control it? Well, at least a half dozen times I tried, and as soon as the pressure built each time, I heard your amazingly seductive voice telling me who it belongs to... and I was unable to release. I don't understand what you did, but literally each time all I could do was feel the ache as the pressure fell back down at your command. It took hours to fall asleep like that, I must've half-awoke a dozen times from the discomfort, and even this morning when I finally did wake up my first thought was your command. Again I thought I could get away with just releasing and putting an end to it.... and again I was powerless to control it over hearing you take possession. Then it hit me that you might have been serious about holding the lock and key, and that's when the panic set it... could she really do that? But how could I deny it, being exhausted from little sleep with this aching that makes it hard to sit still I realized I had to find out, and so I find myself telling you all the things I thought you wouldn't know, not knowing what you intend to do, but needing to find out if you intended to do all these things, that are also


Now I warn you when I take that cock it is oh so mine :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

What was your first phone sex experiance?

There was a little post asking what was your first phone sex experiance.I got so excited when I got to thinking about mine that I decided to post it here....

Mine was long ago in fact high school LOL.I managed to get the hot new Gym teachers phone number.Several of us would prank call him all the time.Well my voice as some of you who call me know is verrry sultry and southern and is very distinct.Well one night I was board and a date had not went as well as planned so I dialed the single coaches phone number.I had smoked a little whoo hoo that night and the subject got naughty.I didn't think at this point he knew who I was and I just went for it.He got to asking me questions and I got to really teasing him and I could hear his breath get shaky and I thought to myself he is jacking it I just know it.I had 4 brothers and we lived in a little farm house and trust me I knew the sound.So I asked him are you jacking off.He said yes Sassa you have turned me on since the first day I seen you in them gym shorts in my office and that was the first time I knew he knew it was me calling him.It didn't take him long to cum.We never played as far as him touching me and there was sure a lot of smiles in Gym class but until the day I went to collage at least a few times a week I would call for a little hot phone action LOL I guess that is where my phone fetish was born LOL a long with a few other little kinks of mine LOL Thank you Sara I have not thought of that in a while now....Ok boys someone needs to call tonight and be my hot Gym teacher...I would like for you to tell me about your first phone sex experience....


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have bondage on the brain today :)

Hi there all my little kinky ones :) I have always loved bondage as a lot of my callers do and you know how much I adore youtube.Well I ran across this today and it shows a wonderful way to tie a restraint.I have used this way myself many times and it is very safe yet very affective LOL As you all know safe and effective does not go hand in hand many times so I thought I would share this with all of my readers.Someone is getting tied up this weekend LOL You can bet your sweet ass on that one LOL ryan has also been working on some new captions for my yahoo group.I know I have had many of you asking about them.You should keep a check because there will be some more soon he he he and it makes him really red for all of you to know what a little slut is living in that head of his LOL I do wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.I will be in and out over the weekend.I was having a party here butttttt I got invited to this really fun party on Panama City Beach so I think I may just forgo the mess at my house and head for the one at the Beach LOL But you can bet I will be getting out the rope this weekend LOL

Mistress Sassa