Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Feel My Inner Crazy Bitch Purring !!!

I am taking calls tonight !!!!! You better be ready for some mind fucking if you call my line tonight!!!!!

Queen Sassa

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ideas from Milovana !!!!

I do not normally have a lot of time to enjoy all the forums I once did and not being able to talk had my mind all over the place....I decided to slip off to Milivana a read for some inspiration for an audio I would like to do....

They have a page where people can request a web tease....OMG this one is so me LOL

Post of request from the Milovana Forum.....

My dream tease is 'The School of Denial', but instead you'd get trained in the arts of anal stimulation, from amateur to a pro, from simple fingering to a big dildo. I actually started making this, but found that I couldn't get even one page done, so if anyone would be so nice and make this one properly, please do! :)

I would like to do the pic series as well as the story and of all make it true....take a series of pictures of me training one of my pets...I have just one in mind....instead of a normal tease a real big one....only post one picture and caption per day making sure you was mentally by day...not being able to stop your mind from wondering what i was going to do next...

Then all the sudden in the middle of the best dinner with your " breeder " has made per hear an update....Sassa has posted one more picture and one more story about all the naughty things she does when she ties up Tickle ( one of my rather naive new pets:) Oh the little pet is asking for it he just does not know how to tell me :)

I would love to have an Academy like this one day....I could teach all kinds of classes and maybe use each student in a set of web teases the tease is you wait and I love to think of you reading my web teases on your little i phones or driods....even at work....

I could even do an audio to go with each tease LOL Yall know by my call button not being lit up for a week my voice is shot so it may take me a few weeks but I would like some feed back :).......Tickle.....if you are reading this you do not get a vote!!!!

Lady Sassa

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tallulah Bankhead

This sounds my pets waiting waiting for Ms Sassa's return....waiting waiting for that call me sign to light up to say call me....

Love love love my little dramaqueens!! :) Your Queen will return as soon as her beautiful voice has returned to normal.....

I am still under the weather but hope to get back to talking to all of you soon!!! I have always been a huge fan of the time when women was women!!!! Tallulah Bankhead was born in Huntsville,Al in fun loving party girl....Love watching her old stuff....This one really tickles me...even with a fever it makes me want to go slip into my stockings and heels and watch old movies LOL We all think the bad girls only came about in our generation...We look at our mothers and grandmothers and we seem to think all women of their eras was "good girls"

I think being a Diva has been around from the start of time....I love that in a time when it was so in fashion to be a good girl and find a good man and become a "breeder" Woman like Tallulah had it within them to be their own person....Stand up and say hey this is who I am like it or lump it.... LOL I think we all just have one life.We should find that little bit of Tallulah within each of us and just be who we are....We are not all meant to be good boring a world would it be :)

Tallulah was actually almost Scarlett in gone with the wind but they felt she was too scandalous ha ha ha...They sure missed out on that one...

Thank you all for your emails and messages :) Still got everyone on no cummies till the Queen is well...

Lady Sassa

some of Tallulah's quotes...

...."I've had many momentary love affairs. A lot of these impromptu romances have been climaxed in a fashion not generally condoned. I go into them impulsively. I scorn any notion of their permanence. I forget the fever associated with them when a new interest presents itself."

....Here's a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once.

....I'd rather be strongly wrong than weakly right.

....It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.

....The only thing I regret about my past is the length of it. If I had to live my life again I'd make all the same mistakes - only sooner.

-Tallulah Bankhead

Saturday, February 25, 2012

LOL now this one is tempting LOL

Dear Queen Sassa

i pledge my devotion to you. you make me feel so much pleasure. and you control when i can feel it... taking it away ... making me do crazy things just to hear your giggle.

i wear panties for you. feeling your voice inside my head. you bring me so close and then take it away. i want your control to continue . on and on .forever.

in panties, i feel my submission to you, no one makes me feel like you. You possess me . i promise myself to you. pledge my control to you. over my cock, my balls. my orgasm.They belong to you now. you know how to make me look at images of you that arouse things inside me I did not know was there.making my frustration and pleasure so intense.

please let me serve you.I want to make you smile tonight while you are sick.I will grant you any item you want upon your list.Your voice will not be needed I will do the talking.I just want to know I put a smile on my Queens face tonight.

Sassa's stroke bitch

: (

I am still sick and cant talk.....oh not a good thing for the chatty Queen!!!! Poor Tickle is on cum control until I feel better LOL First time ever my young pet has waded though the waters of orgasm denial....His whimpers excite me :)

In fact I like that sooooooooooo much I am here by ordering all of my pets no orgasms until the Queen has no fever and her voice back...

My mind gets so devious when I have a fever....I keep thinking about tying him up and putting one of my bathing suit tops on him and slathering him down with self tanner lol I can see the white triangles on his chest now.....LOL....Oh my goodness my little pet is in trouble when I feel better....

The Queen

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

May not be around today!!!

I think I have the flu so I am one pitiful Queen today!!!! Calling all my fans to stop drop and meditate and send the queen healing energy....I may not be at my puter today my little pets, and unless I feel much better in a bit I will not be taking my calls today...even my super sexy sultry voice is not sexy right now...OMG say it isnt so :)

The Queen

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Moaaaaaaaaaaanday!!!

I have an amazing week coming that I am very excited about.I have a new boy toy I am playing with this week that has a tickle and scent fetish....He will be coming to play Wednesday so I will be MIA from the phones Wed...

I am excited about this one...."Tickle" is 24 and we have really hit it off.I am his very first Mistress....Ohhhhh did he luck up :) I loved it when he said " I hope I do not use the safe world too much" ha ha ha safe word ? Now why would I have one of those :) that is for amateurs.I have such an intuitive nature that I know when my pets are reaching their threshold.I derive no pleasure from making someone scream uncle so to say....I find it much more pleasurable to lure and excite and dance all along that edge and make them enjoy the sweet torture.It is never fun for a submissive to be pushed to disappoint their Mistress....and say " I can not handle this"

I like to open their mind up and push their buttons one by one and then I push....I show them what they can handle not what they cant....cant is not an option...when I push them there I KNOW they can take it.Trust is one of the biggest hurdles to master....without trust nothing works.

Fear will always have its place in a D&S relationship.... Without Trust even fear can not be controlled....

I have another pet flying in for a little force intox ha ha ha....Anna really stoked my fire in that direction last week LOL so this I am verrrrrrrrrry excited about....I am the master of this game lol

One of my longest playmates did something very very special for me today....I got a new Keruig for Christmas and I looooooooooove it....I am so addicted to coffee it is not even funny.I had ran out of my K Cups....He went to my Amazon wish list and sent me a whole box of 50!!!!! I am so excited they are so expensive I do not indulge in them often.... Thank u Thank u Thank u :) You know who you are :) You truly made my day...You always go that extra mile to put a smile on my face....You are much more than a playmate or a client....You truly are also a friend....not very often is that possible...We have had many years of making each other smile...I hope we are blessed with many more...You have a way of making me feel so special...

The Queen

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Play Date With Anna!!!!

I wanted to tell everyone about my amazing session with my little
slut, Anna. Anna and I have been playing together for about 10 years.
We have had some amazing sessions, but the one we had yesterday
morning was one of my very favorites!

Anna is not your typical submissive. I do not think she could fit into
any "category. I guess you could call her a cross-dresser but I have
always seen her as a 100% sassy bitch, LOL. She will test a Mistress
every chance she gets. You will work for it to get this one bound and
uner control--I really like this about her.

Anna called Friday morning. She was in a hotel and had ALL her toys
with her. Now, this instantly had my juices flowing. She has the
biggest array of toys I have ever seen in my life. She asked me: was I
game? Hell, yes! I cleared my day, and Anna got herself dressed.

When we play, Anna takes a lot of time and makes sure she is
absolutely perfect for the Queen. She told me she had a very special
new outfit to wear for me. It took her about an hour to get everything
ready and when she put her webcam on, all I had to say was...O.M.G.

She was absolutely stunning. Long dark hair trailing down her
shoulders, make up to perfection, long nails and the outfit: pale
green lace and satin with the most beautiful corset on over it pulling
her waist tiny. She wore beige heels with an ankle strap and had legs
for days.

I was amazed at the work-of-art before my eyes. She was a shadow of
the person I was looking at 10 years ago when I was just a budding
baby Mistress! Truly all woman. I knew I was going to get this bitch
under control today. whatever it took.

Anna thinks sharp and if there is a way to get around me she will find
it. She is planning to come see me in May for her birthday--I can't
wait to dish out that birthday spanking. I wanted the information too,
to ensure she would not back out and this was going to be the day to
get it.

I needed to dull her mind a bit. A bottle of Patrón was sitting beside
her. Tequila makes her run her mouth. I had her take a few shots for
me and watched as her eyes started to haze. I knew she would soon be
putty in my hands. I started slowly interrogating her.

Within the first hour, I had all the information I needed to hold her
to the fire on the trip in May. I can still hear "Noooooooooo,
Misssssssstress" in my head as I write this.

nce I had seven shots of Patrón in her (and knew her sense of reason
was out the window) I had her re-set the safe and put all her "male"
clothes inside. I had her put her webcam close to the box-safe so I
could make sure she was entering the 8-digit code I was giving her. I
also knew she was too inebriated to remember the numbers. To ensure
her brain could not remember the numbers, I started spouting all kinds
of number sequences to confuse her.

I then had her tie her balls up. Ohhhhhh what fun. I could see her
fingers shaking as she wrapped them like a work of art. I teased her
and told her all of the things I was going to do to her in May. More
tequila. Asked her more questions, and gathered more intel.

I asked her to gather all the keys to the locks she had with her. I
then had her move the computer so I could see the hotel safe. I had
her reset it and open it. Inside went all the keys and her car keys as
well. She hesitated some and I could tell she was scared but after
some coaxing from my soft Southern voice, inside they went. Another
shot of Patrón and I talked her into setting the passcode on the safe
with four digits. I think she thought she could remember the numbers.
Not....again. I softly started rambling numbers over and over.

I knew I had her. I knew the Patrón had her. She was so willing to
please me that good sense had long since left her mind. I had her move
the chair close to the safe. I had her lock a metal collar around her
neck. She ran a chain across her chest and through the lock and around
back and under the chair. (I was getting so wet watching her crawl
right into my trap!)

She had on ankle cuffs and had a little trouble cuffing her ankles,
but once she clicked the locks she knew she was trapped. I could see
the look of panic in her eyes as my wicked laugh rang into her ears. I
had her take two more shots. She was Jell-O™ by this point. I was
taking screen shots of my handiwork.

I teased her about calling the Hotel and ordering room service. We had
a little incident before in Vegas where I had her bound in the
bathroom in a hotel and called the front desk and told them I had left
my curling iron on and asked them to go check.

She said she was scared I would not give her the code, realizing she
could not remember what we set it at. I told her not to fear she could
always call hotel maintenance and have them come get into the safe! I
loved the wild look in her eyes and she looked down at herself and
realized that was not a fun option!

I had her cuff her arms to the chair. She was all mine. She had just
enough room with the one hand to reach the safe. Her legs started to
get stiff and she was begging for me to give her the code. She
promised if I let her out she would hogtie herself on the bed for me.
Now why would I want that I already had her where she could not get
out without some huuuuuuuge embarrassment. She was mine--trapped and
at my mercy.

My sweet Southern voice in her ear, teasing and taunting her. I knew
she did not have to check out until morning. I thought about leaving
her there till then, and just watching her struggle all day.

I had her begging and was willing to wait on the words I desired more
than anything..." Mistress,I will do ANYTHING for you to let me out!!"

This was what I was waiting for....I told her this is what I wanted....

1. She had to book the flight to come here in May

2. She had to go out to dinner, "dressed" that night with her
vibrating plug deep in her pussy with me on the phone with her the
whole time.

3. She had to mail me a corset of hers I love that I have been wanting
for a long time.

4.She had to tell me I was the Queen and she was my bitch forever.
(LOL my fave defeat is rough for this competitive little bitch!!)

I told her if she failed to do any of these things I would use the
information I had gotten earlier, and she knows I am as good as my
word. She looked so cute as her chin quivered agreeing to my terms.
Anna the Houdini was in a trap she could not get out of and the
erection dripping down her stocking covered legs told me all I needed
to know. She knew there was no way out of the trap I set and she
willingly walked into.

I gave her the code. She was so drunk, even with the code it took her
10 more minutes to get into the safe and dropped the keys after she
got them. Her ass and legs were so numb after three hours in the
chair, that she about turned the chair over.

Anna booked her plane ticket for me to torture her in person for her
birthday and crawled into the big bed and passed out!

I watched her as she slept, heels and all. Anna got up that evening
after having not eaten all day and got dressed for me again. She
looked amazing. She left the web cam on in the hotel as she took me to
dinner with her on the phone. The sushi restaurant was packed it was
Friday night and she was impervious at first but I could hear the
complements and could just feel the confidence growing inside her.

I had a wonderful time, my slut. I did not think anything could top
that night in Vegas but I must say I think Friday did! I cannot wait
'til I have you bound and gagged and paddle that birthday spanking on
that sweet little ass of yours. It is going to be so sweet to have you
bound so tight that you will be my personal play ground for hours on
end. The crescendo will be sliding my strap-on into that tight little
pussy of yours truly taking you after all these years!


Friday, February 10, 2012


I will be playing with my Anna today so I may be a while :) This little deviant slut truly has no limits...I am not sure when we will be done so if you would like a call email me at and I will email as soon as I am available first email gets first chance and I will go down the feel free to text me on yahoo ways to fuck this little bitch up lol I will be getting her inebriated lol then going in for the bite....this one is sassy and devious and will not go down can bet your sweet ass I will have the chastity devise in place this little slut is a stroke addict and in bad need of some control lol

The Queen

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Queen Sassa is in tha house tonight !!!!

LOL I know,I know LOL where are the blog post ? Well lets just say the life of a Diva Queen Bitch can take many little turns......and just be thankful you get to share in my energy when I am home and itching to play lol

You will notice the sweet little addition to my blog to the right :) If you do not see me on leave me a little note....

I will be taking calls most of the night tonight I am drinking a few Lemon Drops and find myself in the mood to be especially deviant so bring it on LOL....

Queen Sassa

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