Friday, March 28, 2008

I am going to be away from the computer today but will be logging in.I will check my email every few hours.I am quite a little devious mood today so get ready for some fun if you call.I will be taking calls tonight also.If you have a particular time you would like to call you can make an appointment.I am going to be cutting some audios this weekend and if you are a writer or maybe you are not a writer and just have a wild kinky imagination and you would like to write a script for me to consider email them to me....If you write an script and I use it you get 5 free minutes of hot kinky fun with me.....

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ohhhh I had a fun time with this little shrimp dick LOL

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I had to write and tell yall about a call I had yesterday...Reggie has been calling me for a while.Reggie was cursed with a little 2 inch willy.I say willy because 2 inches isnt a cock.Reggie has a love affair going with his couch.I guess if you are that tiny you should never subject a woman's beautiful goddess pussy to such so you have to be a couch humper.I thought it was only proper to name this poor couch.I named her Lola...He he he....I made reggie tell Lola he loved her and made him run his tongue between the cushions and eat Lola's pussy....Then he was ready to slide that little willy between them cushions.He was moaning and groaning and I am sure enjoying it much more than poor Lola...Well he didn't last long pumping and wiggling away and all the sudden I heard him cumming right into Lola.I then made him eat that cum out of Lola's pussy and tell her how much he loved her....To hear him cuddling that couch had me about to fall out of my chair laughing....I didn't know who I felt more sorry for my little 2 inch boy that the only pussy he can get is a couch or poor Lola who even as a sofa deserves more than a 2 inch cock LOL

Mistress Sassa

Monday, March 24, 2008

I will be out a few hours today....

It is such a beautiful day and I had such an amazing morning already.One of my little naughty sluts really outdid there selves this morning and has left a never ending smile on my face today...I am going to go saddle up and ride Sister for a while today she is itching to run some LOL....I will be back taking calls at 6pm Central time.....I will be working all night tonight so yall get your kinky caps on he he he Easter weekend proved to be my most kinky ever.....Talk to you soon...

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning in Sassa's Kinky Land

Hmmmmmm it is Easter morning and my little Pets are waking up with kink on the mind LOL.I got my first call at 5 am.This little pet said he woke up and in his basked he had found an aneros and a cb60000.He wanted to know if I had any idea of what to do with these things.....Ohhhhhhhh did I have a few ideas he he he.I had this little pet crying when I teased him to do end then made him lock up and toss the key out the window into the hedge below....He is out there now fishing for that key while that cb is full of a raging Sassa induced hard on LOL.....I was so going to take off today since it is Easter and all but I think I am going to hang out a while and take a few more calls I am having too much fun he he he ....

Mistress Sassa

Friday, March 21, 2008

Had some fun today with my "pussy boy"

I have had some really fun calls today.I had my toy call me and we got to talking about my pimping him out to a mass load of rather dark complected studd muffins.You know a real woman needs a real cock and if you dont have one you should be in panties....That is just the way it is...Then my "pussy boy" called.Pussy boy keeps his keys to his cb2000 in a mail box about four hours away....he he he.He had to drive almost 9 hours round trip just to maybe be able to cum.He drove there unlocked the cb2000 and then drove back home.When he called me he had a chair set up with his legs cuffed and one hand cuffed to the chair and another set of cuffs dangling to lock his stroking hand up with...I let him stroke for a few minutes.I was just having too much fun and he had been 7 weeks at this point without a cummie he he he.This little puss started crying when I made him cuff the other hand.....His crying made me even wetter.So needless to say he didnt get to cum today...Pussy boy is going to write me a full report on our fun we had today and I will post it so all of you can laugh as much as I did.My cheeks was sore after our call.This little slut is going to be soooooooooo much fun to torment I am already thinking about our next call.It was just one of those days where you just have to sit back and smile and think.... I so love my job.I got christy this morning she is on an oil rig but I am making her wear panties he he he.She sent me a 50$ amazon gift card today for my birthday.Christy is finaly starting to see that she is a slut and she can never be a real man.Christy also knows better than to try and resist me.I always get my way he he he....

Mistress Sassa

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi there everyone :)

yeaaaaaaaaaa tomorrow is my birthday :)I have had many ask if I was going to be working tomorrow.I sure am :)I had some rather interesting calls today already.I had a call from a car that was amazing lets just say it involved lipstick cigarettes and quite a wild imagination.I had fun and S if you are reading this I sent you an email with the color I want you to get that item we talked about in for our call later he he he.I had my little stroker slut call this morning and we had a verrrrrrrrrrry good time he he he.I am going to log in for a while it is raining and it has me in a pretty wild mood :)

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 16, 2008

what a weekend :)

I am telling you spring fever is hitting me LOL I have been in the garden all day planting blueberry's and raspberry bushes.I was thinking about all the hot calls I have had the past few days.I have one wild stable of pets he he he.I have been thinking about having our own forum.I know sometimes you get busy and you cant call and tell me how amazing I am everyday but you could post questions and so forth on there and we can talk about anything kinky know me I can make something kinky out of about anything.I was trimming the rose bushes today and could not help but think how fun those thorns would be on just the right ass LOL.Thank you to my mystery shopper that got the amazing book for me.I cant wait to curl up with this one.I am just to the second chapter and already I have some kinky ideas for you this week LOL.I had another mystery shopper that sent me a beautiful little ring that says " to thine on self be true." You know that statement is so true.I didnt get to go for my ride today.I sold Sisters friend and she has been a pissy missy today.Well,I am going to log in and play a while those rose bushes got me going LOL.Yall have a wonderful Sunday.....My pets your assignment for today is to do something kinky.Do something that makes your blood rush and makes you feel alive.If you cant think of anything call me and I will give you an idea or two LOL......Ok I am off to log in tonight.I dont have any appts tonight because I normally take off on Sunday nights so if you have been trying to call and I have been busy tonight may be a good night to catch me.Be ready to play though I am in one of my moods LOL

Mistress Sassa

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Fever in Miss Sassa's Kinky Land

Hi there all my loyal pets.I know your Stroke Mistress has not been around as much latly.Well,there has been a lot going on and I think I have had a touch of spring fever.I want you all to mark your calanders my birthday is March 20th.Now I know yall wont forget.I am going to be taking calls a lot this week so yall better remember to tell me happy b day because you love nothing better than putting a smile on my face.I have been taking a few calls here and there and it seems the min I log in one of my naughty boys is ready to call.I had a new one call yesterday that well put a huge smile on my face.I have been diddling with a little hypnosis.I have my Kim so addicted to me he cant resist my voice.Ofcourse I have hypnotized him to spoil me rotten at all times.Speeking of spoiling rotten everyone should check out my wish list.There are many things on there that would so bring a smile to my face.You know it does not matter if it is 20$ or $1000 it is always nice when one goes out of there way to make there Mistress feel special.I had a rather long hot call from one of my new pets :)We talked about my favorite destination Amsterdam.I could just imagine what fun it would be to take a pet down into the window shops and pick my poison he he he that would be like a Mistress in a candy store.Well I am going to take a long hot bubble bath then I am going to log in to play with some of my late night pets that I have been missing.Talk to you soon....

Mistress Sassa

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am back from the beah :)

Hi there all my boys out there in Sassa's kinky land.Yes, your mistress had to take a little time out for some fun I had a caller Thursday night that was telling me about one of his rather kinky escapades at the beach and how much fun it was and I just had to go I am not a few hours from the coast so I called my cousin Ella and she said one of the clubs that way was hopping and I could feel the sun already on my face so I packed up my sandals and tossed my bags in the car took the top off and to the beach I went.Now.....I had all intentions of doing a little shopping and being back home to play with my callers last night.But....Lets just say it was just too much fun.It just so happened some friends of ours from the base there was just home from that dreadful desert and they was ready for some good American fun.You know it was my patriotic duty to show our boys a good time.Well We didnt get back to Ellas till 6 am this morning.I did get there in time to make it before the fish market closed and bought some fresh shrimp and grooper.Oh and a red snapper.You can walk the dock and buy the fish right off the fishing boats as they come in.I had a good time but I am ready to play LOL.So I am going to get everything unpacked and get the fish in the freezer and I am going to take sister for a ride today.I will see you all tonight....

Mistress Sassa

Saturday, March 1, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

As some of you noticed I was out doing a bit of partying last night.MY favorite fly boy is home from the desert and I took him out last night and showed him some good old American fun.I got home early this morning and I was still wanting to play some so I logged in and it wasn't five minutes and I got this call.It was a new callers to me and I knew instantly it was going to be hot.His name was Pat and he said those magic words that just lit me up."I love big black cock" well not dont we all he he he.Well Pat was sporting his very best panties for me and he is going to be my new sissy slut :)Now yall dont tell him about all the little assignments I give my sluts he he he I am going to break this one in easy he is so much fun to play with.All I have to say is Pat,any time he he he any time...Yall know I do not share nude pics very often but I have decided the absolute naughtiest caller by midnight Sunday night gets two totally nude pics of me for your wacking pleasure.Lets see just how naughty yall can be....I know you have it in you :)

Miss Sassa
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