Thursday, November 24, 2011

Psyco Girlfriend LOL

This should be my theme song !!!!! :) hope all of you had a naughty Turkey Day :) I will be playing a bit later tonight :)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heyyyyyyyy Bitches!!!!!

I am back :) I know how much yall missed me butttttttttt you know how busy I get sometimes....Winter is here and this means your favorite Hippie Goddess Lady Sassa will be staying inside and doing more calls.....

Cold weather makes your skin dry so I just stay in as much as possible and run on the treadmill getting ready for spring break !!!

I have been having fun doing some live sessions as well and I even had my Vegas Soul Sista !!! come to see me for two weeks the end of June.

We went canoing and we may have just found one thing we are not so diva-lisiously amazing at !!! I know yall are amazed....we have decided we are trying the canoeing again but we are going to put some of these bad ass little young bucks that are tearing our lines up in the back behind each of us LOL

Maybe we will raffle off the chance for two to win being our canoe boytoy for a a day :) OMG it would be fun

We turned upside down onto a rock as big as a car and could not get our canoe back over in the rapid mountain waters !!!! It just so happend to be infested with water moccasins." total Queen Freak out" !!!!

We did have one log we managed to wedge the canoe into in order to get back in.....Tia did manage to get back in but it was my super woman I am just going to dive in the bitch that got us flipped over a second time....Tias favorite $200 sunglasses in the bottom of the river !!! and not to forget the canoe is so full of water and heavy at this time we have no choice but to float down the snake infested dark river water....

We finally got to where another rock bank was and was able to get the canoe to a place where we could empty the water and get back in......well....we got back in after burning one on the bank LOL the sweet little guys at the canoe outfitters hooked us up with a waterproof box when we rented the canoes !!!!! Yall rock was bad enough I had got Tia's favorite sunglasses lost but I am not sure I would have been safe on the bank if I got the "medicine" wet LOL

All and all I have canoed all over and it was my favorite trip ever.We nursed our bruises for a few days.We got to expose her furbaby Niko to rain LOL Niko had never been in rain before and he was rather amazed at the wet grass and he got to get a little dirty a few times :)

We also took Niko and Lu Lu ( my sissy furbaby) up the the mountain for a hike...Good thing karma found the trip fun being we had enough apples granola bars and bananas in our packs to call ever bear in the county for lunch LOL

I am going to be doing a weekly question and answer audio....I would like each of you to email me to any questions you may have about anything naughty he he he....

I will be picking a few for my weekly question and answer post and audio.....may even turn this into doing some videos :)

I heard this song today and I think it best describes me LOL I am so glad I get to be your secret Crazy Girlfriend !!!! loveeeeeeeee it!!!

My new rates are $1.39 a minute....I think that is more than fair plus leaves you a little to hit my wish list every now and then :)

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