Friday, June 19, 2015

Thursty Thursday will cost you if you are not careful lol......Pooor Tom !!!!

My Dear Goddess,

Yesterday was to be a good day. I was well on my way yo another 100+ points day (including 30 points bonus for being in bed on time all week). Then last night the bottom fell out as I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up about 11:15 and before I could get dogs out etc and get into the bed it was 11:30. this is 90 minutes past bed time and cost me 450 points plus the 30 point bonus I was going to get. So with that deduction yesterday I scored a negative 375 points, leaving my total for the week at a meager 63 points. This in fact is the lowest weekly score in the 25 weeks the points system has been in place. This morning finds me a miserable little pet as I know that this does not even come close to earning a cummie and that You Goddess would be certainly justified to hand down more punishment if You wish for my lousy performance. I am so sorry that I have failed You.

Last night as I finally got into bed I wrestled in my mind briefly about not doing homework and just saying I did and not claiming the missed bed time. As I said this was a brief self argument as I knew that lying would only make me feel worse and not being honest with You would be so very wrong and could not do it anyway. So as required I sadly did the homework assignment of stroking and edging Your cock and balls to the two edges. So afraid that i might even loose that privilege. So today I am humble little pet that knows You have been so fair and good to me and know whatever You decide is what I must comply with.

I hope that You have a wonderful day. I love You so very much.

Your pet,