Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been having a good time today on the phones with it as hot as it is outside I have been doing much more playing inside LOL....Well as most of you know I am into just about anything ....Whew if that is not my favorite word.I am a life long chronic cuckoldress.I love to be sensually dominate well that is just who I am .I have something in me that likes to control a cock more than I love a hot bubble bath...Well this may be going a tad far but you get the drift.I love playing with sissys esp little cuck sissy's.I have one caller that has not cum in a while.Months in fact.I want to make him cum in a very humiliating way because he is has been such a little sissy begging and begging to cum and he messed up and used the word anything LOL So I want all of you to put your thinking caps on.Email me your ideas on how I should torture this little slut LOL Email me at or leave in the comment section here LOL Ohhhh little stroker boy you are in trouble now.

Mistress Sassa