Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day in the life of The Mistress of Kink

Well I have had some verrrrrrrrry fun calls this week.I think every day now that was the wildest call ever then it isnt very long before another one takes that place.To get you all up to date on the goings on in Sassa land well as you all know I am now full time at Nite Flirt yeaaaaaaaa.I was working somewhere else but you guys was spoiling me so that I just decided to play here at nite flirt full time :) Yeaaaaaaaaa Besides you guys are the kinkiest bunch of bitches I have yet to see LOL.I am having a ball.Just last night I had one of my sassiest callers ever to call me from a hotel room LOL Well lets just say she pushed a bit and pussed up on a direct order and I am going to let this sassy thing think she got away with it for a day or so.....I will keep you posted.I had some new pets call this morning.One well see he lives with lets just say and older woman that well without giving too much away he has been kept for up to a month totally naked and this little thing had a thing for stockings let me tell ya LOL Then I had someone call me from there car they was taking a little business trip he started off the call with saying he was ready to get his new addiction on the way he hehe ....Now you know nothing turns me on more than being naughty in an automobile we had a willllllllld time.Ohhhhhh I got the beautiful gown that Ray sent me.I was looking good last night while taking my calls I am telling you :)As you will see in the links section.Oh you know who you are dont forget your shopping trip before you call tomorrow pink panties pink lacy panties and a butt plug :) he he he I will be waiting.Ok I better get logged in and get ready to have some fun tonight I have been thinking of many naughty things to do to yall tonight.Ohhhhhhh I almost forgot....Tomorrow make sure you check my blog about noon I am doing something special tomorrow night but you will know about it here first.....

Mistress Sassa

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