Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Having some fun :)

I know I have not written in a while.The farm has been busy busy.I had some amazingly fun calls I wanted to tell yall about.....I got a call from my Pattie yesterday morning.Pattie loves to be my little slut.I was in a mood and I had Pattie shoot a load right on her face......Well the funny part of this is...As Pattie sat trying to regain composer to head into work.There was a knock at the door.Pattie did not want to answer in panties so rushed to toss on some pants and a shirt and it was the Merry Maids trying to get some business in the area.After they left Pattie noticed that there was still a big glob of cum on his face....He called back to tell me about it and I thought I was just going to die laughing.....We have had lots of fun calls my little micro cock slut butttt I would have to say that one will be burned in my memory for some time to come.....
I also got a call from Ed my little stroker boy.You know one of my biggest turn ons is a man giving me control of his cock....I took control and this little stroker boy never fails to please me....It is raining out today and I am a naughty mood.....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

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