Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall !!!!!

As all of you know the sunshine brings me outside in the sunshine :) With Fall here most of you that have been with me for years know I am logged in more :) I know many of you keep asking about Annie.....Annie and I have parted ways for good this time.....Annie has decided that living life as someone she is not is what she wants.....Yall ....know I am a huge advocate of being who you ....Own not pretend to be someone you are not simply to please all around you....I understand that part of your life must me lived this way because of choices society had you make.....But in Sassa Land .....I know what you are deep down....I can see beyond the fa├žade you fool the rest of the world with....I am the Queen of Mind Fuck......I was born to be the Bosstress....

Queen Sassa

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