Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From the desk of the Queen !!!

Tonight is the first night with a bit of a nip in the air....I am not sure but fall brings out the crazy in me lol I can not tell you how many twisted things  I have done on Halloween...I could write a whole book on the Queens Kinky Halloween adventures lol Annnnnnnnnnd the lord willing and the creek don't rise I will add a few more to the list this year lol

I am going to be logging in a bit more from now on...My schedule has changed a bit so I am not logging on in the day time as much....I know over the years many of my calls was in the day time and if you can not call any other time and you just musssssssssst talk to the Queen then you can shoot me an email or send me a note on NiteFlirt and usually I can work something out if you pinky swear it is going to be one kinky ass bit of fun lol You so know if I get board I will for sure hang up on you...I detest boredom like the plague...

I am taking calls at night from 10 pm central time until ...well, until I am ready for bed lol I am the Queen after all...I set the rules here lol I just do not conform well to stringent schedules :)

I will be revamping a few things in the weeks coming...I also am working on some new audios to upload :) If any of you have any ideas or you wish to write any scipts for me to consider just email them to me at ladysassa07@gmail.com ....I would love to see what you come up with :)

I had a call tonight that was fun....Terry from VA called me and said he needed someone to take control of his life...well he hit the jack pot huh !!! Shhhhh don't tell him ....We all know he has just walked right into my lair...I think I am going to have some fun with this little slut....I sent him off to bed with some assignments for tomorrow....wayyyyyys to earn some cummie points that is LOL

Tom and I are still playing :) I sure tested him recently .... I had him purchase a vibrating "sounds" and some other new toys we have been playing with....I have found this little slut will do anything  I ask of him without question...I likessssss :) ha ha

Queen Sassa

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