Monday, May 12, 2008

On the way home !!!!!

Hi there everyone.I have been at the beach again this weekend LOL I just could not help myself LOL I am on the way back this morning and I think I have had my fill of the beach for a little while LOL Well maybe for a few weeks...I went deep sea fishing on a charter boat ( had one hot little deck hand he he he )He made sure Mistress did not break a nail but I did catch the biggest snapper on the boat and won 400$ LOL OK I didnt really catch the biggest snapper but I talked the one that did out of his LMAO Well I am going to be packing my things and heading back home to all my little pets.I will be logging in this afternoon when I get home....So get ready for a wild ride because I am so in the mood...Coming home with the top down and lots of wind in my hair......

Mistress Sassa
Taking over the world one cock at a time

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