Monday, September 27, 2010

Immmmmmmmmmm Back!!!!!!

I just got home from a very naughty little Va Ca down in the bible belt.I love nothing more than to be naughty when and where I should not.This always adds to the thrill 100 fold.

I think the hottest day of my trip back home was some steamy girl sex at the wild life refuge.Nature and hot steamy sex just go hand and hand.My friend Jenna met me out at the bird observatory.We noticed the ranger was watching us so we decided to give him quite a show.....The only thing that would have made it better would have been for me to have brought a strap on with me and fucked his little bitch ass....Making mental note to no longer leave home without it.....I did have a good time but good to be back I have missed all of my little bitches...

Baby Ryan is back at camp again he just keeps forgetting he is a sissycuck bitch and so I keep sending him back for training.I know for a fact that little dicklet is rock hard the second the bitch sees a cock soooooooooooo ya know what that means LOL

I will be running a special this week 1 hr blocked for $89.99.This can be split into three 20 min calls,two 30 minute calls,Or we can play for the whole hour at once....


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