Monday, January 21, 2013


Moving today so may be in and out :) I have had some amazing calls and it is so good to be back !!!! I may not be at a computer today so if you wish to call just go ahead and catch me if you see me logged in for a lil naughty break lol I know how much yall like me post yalls little naughty notes to me.....the naughtiest note I get today I will cut an audio of myself reading it lol and you will get a free copy :) So bring it on lil sluts.....Tell me how much you have missed the Queen.... P.S.Just so yall know my top bitch Annie has been relieved of service for just truly not being worthy of the position.....So that spot is open and I will be looking at the sluts I have now and their dedication to see who will take the place only one can hold of my top bitch..... Queen Sassa

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