Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SEC Kicked Ass !!!

I must say SEC just tossed those boys around the field like twigs.....Many can not understand why the SEC is so dominate.... 1.The south does not just watch football we live it.You will not find a more insane fan base anywhere... 2.Every little boy from the time he can walk has a ball in his hand and for many the only way they are going to collage is to do it well....If you sit and watch a little league game in the south you will see the mothers and fathers already planning their little mans NFL career..... 3.Country boys are just flat more physically fit....you take a farm boy that tosses bales of hay all day....eats from a garden and hunts and does not live so much on that unhealthy mess we have in the grocery store that is not fit for a dog much less a human....we do not have the pollution in these little farm towns that most have in bigger cities.... 4.The cheerleaders.....from the time they hit JR high school.....the absolute hottest southern girls are cheerleaders....I was a cheerleader and let me tell you if you was not on that football team you was NOT going to turn my head....I personally like Centers.....I find quarterbacks to be a little feminine LOL they always did have a place in my fun LOL....if you sat on the bench you was out of not only the football game but you was not getting much game after as well.... That is just a little of why I feel the SEC is so dominate :) And of course I am The Queen so I am always right.... Queen Sassa

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