Sunday, June 1, 2008

My little cum eater :)

I just had to tell you about my first call this morning.As you all know I have been partying all weekend soooooooooo I didnt log in to take calls until this morning....Well I was not logged in 5 minutes when I get this call....We will just call this caller "A".A called and was telling me he was hungry this morning a giggle came across my face because I knew he wasnt calling to tell me he was about to make some toast....Well come to find out this little looser slut has ate every drop of cum he has made since 1992 we added it up best we could with my head still in a fog from my weekend and we figure since 1992 this slut has had about 10,000 loads of cum LMAO how pathetic is this...Well you know I had to send this little slut off on a mission and this sluts homework for today is to go buy some pink panties ( can you imagine a slut like this not having any?) and some rubber bands.He gets 3 free min if he calls me from the store and hands the phone to the sales lady LMAO Oh you so know I wont be nice.....Then he is to take a picture of himself in panties with Miss Sassas Slut wrote on his belly so I can post it for all of you to see.Nowwwwwww lets get this straight right now...My real men out there and I do have a few real men callers noooooooooooo do not put on panties but if your cock is below 6 inches you are not a real man and you need to get some panties and just bitch up for me LOL I have all kinds of ways you can put a smile on my face since you dont have enough cock to put one of my face that way LOL Well I am logging back in to talk to a few more sluts before I am off to ride today :)Every call today that is 20 min gets 3 free min today......

Mistress Sassa

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