Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wed ...from the desk of your Stroke Mistress

Hi there all my sluts in Sassa's kinky land :) I have been off a few days but I am back now.As most of you know other than being a kinky bitch I also ride horses and sometimes that is all I want to do and I had a few days where I just wanted to ride whew all that thrusting got to me a bit so time to get back to playing with all my sluts :)I have some new members here and I want you all to introduce yourself.I also added a new audio on niteflirt of one of my actual over the knee spanking sessions that is quite fun.You may just want to listen to that one.I am also working on adding some weekly stroke assignments in the form of audios on NF.I have many of you on stroke management you know I love controlling cock more than just about anything so I think this is going to be fun.Just for fun and see how many are reading the forum every email I get at NF that says .....I am sassa's bitch will get 2 free min :) I am also putting all the names in the hat of my calls this month over 10 min to draw for a free dog tag that says Sassa's Bitch.Now ace can tell you how hard it is to earn one of those LOL.You must tell me on the call to add you in the drawing because it will involve giving me an address to send it to...This is going to be fun :)Well I have to get logged in I have been away a few days and my sluts seem ready to play.....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

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