Monday, June 23, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

Well tonight has proved to be a lot of fun.I decided to log in tonight to get some work done on some new audios I am working on.I am waiting on my Atlanta bitch to fly in from out of town because we have not played in a while and I know there is going to be some good hot wild fucking and sucking going on and I am soooooo not going to be the one fucked LOL And I get a call from this little Chinese guy.Well you see he had an issue with the size of his cock.We will call this little fella "A".Well A tells me that he has only had sex one time and this was two years ago.Now if that isnt about pathetic he says it was with a escort.Well Well LOL Only had sex one time he was 26 years old and he had to pay for that time.....I had to find out more...Well A said his cock was only 3.5 inches and he had a hard time feeling anything and he wanted to ask me what sex felt like.I myself am trying to imagine sex with a 3.5 inch cock and LMAO I just dont see that one ever happening.He said he is only attracted to white women and he does not know why white women do not go for Asian men....LMAO well duh we have all seen the videos.Now yall know I am a huge fan of porn.Every Asian man I have ever seen has had a rice dick.I told A that Asians must have a small dick chromosome just like black men have a big dick chromosome and there was just not much he could do about it.Well A tell me he is going to rent him another escort for his birthday and really wanted to feel what sex felt like.Well I suggested that he pay the extra to fuck the escort in the ass and I dont think she will stress much with that 3 inch cock so he should be able to talk her into it and it may just be tight enough he could feel something.Then I told him when he gets that little thing in there to slip two fingers in her pussy to make it a little tighter on his little rice dick in her ass and whew he had the biggest orgasm just thinking about that.LMAO he was a lot of fun and I cant wait till August so he can tell me all about it LOL....Then when I get off the phone with A and I am still giggling thinking about him telling he about trying to swingers party where he was scared to take his towel off when my little Atlanta bitch calls LOL....he he he lets just say I was already in the mood to be devious as hell and he got it with both barrels as we say down south LOL.....We always have fun but I think I had much more than he did LOL Whew all this naughty and on a Sunday he he he....I better get back to work and get ready for my Monday morning office strokers....LOL I am in a wild mood this morning they better be careful LOL You never know with me when you are going to bite off a bit more than you can chew LMAO.....

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

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