Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi there all my little stroke addicts :)

I have been off having a little much needed fun this weekend.I am back today and ready to play.I just got tickets for the AC/DC concert in Dec that is going to be in Atlanta.Ohhhhh I can not wait to dance to the song live .It is my favorite one AC/DC ever made and I am going to be so naughty when they start blasting this one.Could you not imagine being the lucky one around me when they play she's got the jack.I think in my case I would like to change it to hes got the jack.Whew I do love my boys jacking for me day on end.I had better get to work so many cocks to control so little time in the day LOL I am going to be on today until about noon then I am going to saddle up for an afternoon ride then I will be back in later.I may get to play with my little New York Pet that has well earned himself a Sassa's Bitch Tag for his collar.Those are not easy to come by :)

Mistress Sassa

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