Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wild Calls From Vegas

Anna and I have been playing for years.As most of you know the phone can sometimes lead to some challenges when you have a sassy little slut.Anna needed a little vacation and decided to go to Los Vegas for a few days.Anna is into chasity and bondage I just love it and has all kids of cool toys to play with.Anna packed all the kinky gear and checked into the hotel as a man.I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was rolling that bag with all of our kinky gear into the hotel.Anna said the bag was so heavy the bell hop ask what was in there.I had instructed Anna to start drinking upon her arrival and we had a call planned for 1 am I wanted her totally dressed when she called.Anna called that first night and it took me about an hour just to get her to the elevator dressed as Anna the tequila was hitting hard and before I knew it Anna was sitting down at the slot machines in her long red wig and giggling like a school girl.When we got back up to the room.I had Anna dress in her slut gear.By this time Anna was really drunk.We played for a while and I had Anna go out and tape her chasity keys under the vending machines.I locked Anna in ankle cuffs and sent her to bed all dressed in her very sluttiest attire heels stockings and all.I told her I would wake her up at 7 am and she had to do as she was told.I knew 7 am was going to come and Anna was still going to be in a haze.It took four phone calls before I could wake the slut up enough to answer the phone.I instructed Anna to go down and get some ice....lots of ice....I had Anna but her cuff and chasity keys in the ice stuffed into a stocking with a rope that went though the towel holder and she was hog tied on the bathroom floor with the only way out the keys that would not come to her until the ice melted.I waited for her to get totally in her sub haze as she does when she is tied.Then I put Anna on hold and I called the Maid service at the hotel....I told them I had left my curling iron on and I would not be able to get back to the hotel for an hour.They said they would be glad to check for me....I got back on the phone with Anna and I could already hear the ice beating against the towel rack as Anna was struggling trying to get out.I was laughing my ass off as I told Anna the maids was on the way.Anna was struggling and I could hear all the banging coming from the bathroom.I had Anna set up a web cam in the room so I could see the maids come in.I saw a security guard come in and leave back out Anna was really struggling he he he I could not stop laughing.I heard ice shatter everywhere hitting the tile floor as I seen Anna come into view of the cam in full Anna gear with make up smeared from the night before her skirt was flying as she rounded the corner and got to the door just as the maids was coming in.Anna told them the curling iron was fine.I bet they had a site.As hard as it was to get Anna out of that room the night before running back in each time she seen someone.She sure did not have a problem in this world answering that door as Anna.We had a lot of other fun in Vegas.This was defiantly the highlight of our trip.Anna I had a wonderful time in Vegas.I feel a true Dom and Sub relationship is a give and take and we have played on many levels.You have always been a joy to play with.I will be giggling about Vegas when I am 100 years old.

Mistress Sassa

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