Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning from The Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

Good Morning all my little pets :) I had a rather awesome night myself.I know I have gotten in late this weekend due ...well to some " unforeseen acts of pleasure" ha ha ha.I also have a house slave that was so kind as to build Sister her own little barn for my early Christmas present.It was a joint present from my three little local pets.You should have seen them nailing away in the cold while I stood by in my fur boots and ear muffs drinking hot express and smiling at the progress.I am looking around at there tools and craftsmanship and I am thinking I will have them build me a bondage bed also soon.LOL It tickles me to have them be so joyful to be so servant.Now that is the mark of a good pet.I love to know what areas my pets like to be of service in.I have a few there job is to just brighten my day with.Those are normally a few of my sissy "girlfriends" they are being of service to me just the same.They are always the first to send me a bottle of new perfume that has come out or a warm cashmere scarf.They call me on cold mornings and get Mistress out of bed to ask what panties go with what bra...giggles and roll's eyes playfully LOL.Then there is my stroker sluts that call me early in the mornings raging hard on after a hot dream about meeeeeeeeeeee he he he.My Anna called me this morning.Anna aka Vegas slut everyone keeps asking me about.That was a true story andddddddd not only that Anna has a little time around Christmas that we will be playing in a hotel and I may have some of you give me some ideas of how to get this little bondage slut into some big trouble.I make sure Anna is well tanked up for the party and that little slut will be skipping around the hotel like Tinkerbell.This cold has all of my pets all horney it seems.I have been on the phone all morning getting hot and playing naughty.
Mistress Sassa
Queen Of Sassa's Kinky Land

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