Saturday, December 6, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress 12/06

I spent most of this week putting my up my Christmas tree.I pulled out the ornaments that my little subs sent me last year and it brought a smile to my face.Jem jem sent me one that had blue feathers all over it.It looks just like jem jem to me.Ace of course is responsible for the tinker bell tree topper.I remember when Carl had an " accidental" orgasim ( rolls eyes) and was ordered to my wish list and he got me the beautiful hand blown Siamese cats for my tree.
I have had some fun naughty calls today pretty much because I am in a naughty mood ha ha ha.I want all my sissys to be in there red panties this weekend.
I have to say for those of you following the Frank saga he went to a strip club last night and also to the adult books store.He is going back for me tonight and Frank is one of those subs that I know will do anything I ask and I do plan on pushing some buttons tonight.Frank has another Mistress he has played with for two years and we are working together to bring little franky just where he needs to be on his knees.
My little Amazon slut Chris is back.He thought he could live without Mistress but he was mistaken.He knows it excites him for me to use and abuse him.
You should all check out the captions in the group.Ryan has been hard at work...hard is the key word here.This little sassy bitch has a few things coming.I have a few plans for this one when he gets back state side.Do not think I can not make fantacys a reality in the blink of an eye.
I had better get back to work.I have a stroker that has not came in a month waiting with a cantaloupe and a pack of pop rocks...Now just wrap your minds around that one LOL....Ace knows all about cantaloupes and pop rocks dont ya ace...

Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

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