Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle Balls :) from the desk of your stroke Mistress....

I wanted to tell you about this weeks adventure.You know I love to name my pets to protect my lovers of all things nasty and wicked "grin".This weeks little adventure was with my pet jingle bells LOL.You see I could this little slut stroking when not instructed on the phone and I just could not trust him so I made him put some little bells on his cock on a rubber band around his balls.I would order him to stop stoking and I could hear them bells and that was a fine.This little slut had to go right to the computer and pay his fine for stroking without permission.Well you see jingle bells wanted to amuse his Mistress and asked if there was anything he could to get permission to cum.A wicked idea came to mind.I have been in the Christmas spirit all day and I wanted to hear jingle bells....I had slave grasp my cock in his right hand at the base.I grinned and told him that he had 2 minutes to stroke and he had to single jingle bells " all the way" ha ha ha
Mistress Sassa
Queen of Sassa's Kinky Land

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