Saturday, December 5, 2009

fun fun fun :)

I know yall are not use to me not being around on a Friday night....Welll as you know Ms. Brandi has been visiting.We went out last night and let me tell ya jussss so ya know that is one hot booty in a pair of black jeans and fur boots.I have added a pair to my wish list jus so yall santas know :)

We hit a club or two and sure enough we rounded up a few little toys to play with ha ha ha ha I think I slightly remember a game of beer pong where we got them all loaded to weaken them before slipping them into our web...Well we had a lil too much fun and I did not quite make logging in but I am going to be taking calls tonight...

Make sure everyone is voting.....cummie points are a good thing click my little strokers click....

Lady Sassa

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