Monday, November 30, 2009

My Specials........

Sassa Specials :
You use pay buttons to get specials.My block rates you do not have to use at once but you must use within 30 days of purchase.If you join our forum and post you get 5 free minutes with a 10 minute paid call.You will see there is a lot of hot free phone sex on the line and the cost is much better if you purchase a block of time.

Bock Rates:
20 min block $28.99 ( 10 min free call that can be used within 30 days)
30 min block $58.99 ( 15 min free call that can be used within 30 days)
45 min block $88.99 (15 min free call 60 min total that can be split into three calls)
50 minute block $98.99 ( 20 free min with this package and you can split into 4 calls)

Morning Wood Special:
five 10 minute morning wake up calls:$68.99
If you are interested in this please email me for availability of the time slot you need.

Need a Sassa sleeping pill ?

Five 10 minute bedtime calls $68.99
Please email me and make sure I have the time slot you need open before you purchase a morning or bedtime

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