Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cuckold Baby Ryan!!!!

I know many of you have been following the ongoing saga of the training of our very own resident sissy slut Baby Ryan.I have been having so much fun with this little slut.I was shopping Monday and I came across some scented pencils.I love the smell of cotton candy and so this was one that I had bought.

I was sitting at my desk writing an audio when I smelled the cotton candy scent flowing up from my paper and suddenly Baby Ryan's little bitch ass popped into my mind.Many of you know I have rode horses for many years and one of my all time biggest secrets for getting a horse to do anything I wish is wearing Cotton Candy or Strawberry perfume.I got to thinking that it would be fun to send Baby Ryan to work with his panties sprayed with this perfume.This way when the little slut got excited and his little clitty got hot everyone would smell his Sissy Bitch Perfume.

I sent Baby Ryan a message to contact me pronto.I was on the phone with Ms Brandi and Ms Daphne and we was laughing over our morning Kona and coming up with ways to train our bitches this week and Baby Ryan called in....

I am not going to go into every detail of the call but I am going to share with all of you the emails that transpired....I will say that the little bitch did not just have to show me just how pathetic he is but we had company.This pathetic little slut was crying like a little bitch in no time....My personal favorite...

Now keep in mind I keep having people call me and say that I only like sissy sluts this is not true...But if you are not a real man and you are just a sissy slut I AM going to turn you out.I like big cock huge cock and to me....if you are not a real man...... well ya know the only thing left is little bitch....Please enjoy the emails....

Baby Ryans letter to me after the call....

Mistress Sassa,
Hope you had a good day today, and got your computer issues worked out . I had soooo much fun yesterday...... but it had been such a long time (over a year) since I had a plug in my ass.... that I'm sore today Its sore all the time.... but when I sit.... I am reminded very much of what you did to me yesterday.... as humiliating as that is, what makes it worse is thinking that you want to fuck me for real... and after yesterday I'm starting to think you really would although I still have a hard time believing you would allow Ms Brandi to watch me get a bare bottom spanking I took a picture of the little booty shorts with the big bottle of spray I bought today i got a close up so you could see the little emblem on the shorts.... . And I have that other picture that i took after you made me fuck and plug myself..... I am so ashamed of how that plug holds my cheeks apart
I put my little purple skirt on for the picture cause I was to embarrassed for you to see me totally bare bottom .... although I realize how silly that is considering I am dressed like a sissy bitch with a black butt plug up my ass Its so humiliating how you make me feel..... I sometimes have flashes of what that would feel like... to be fucked like a whimpering little whore

... oh and today.... i kept thinking about how you told me you would like to snuggle up behind me with your strap on lodged in my butt all night.... i kept thinking about waking up and it being there.... and how every move you made i would feel deep inside me..... ok gotta go....Please do not make me get on web cam as a sissy bitch and make me allow all those people to see my cam.I sure hope you was just kidding about that.I bet no one would want to see it anyway.

I almost made this confession to you but i chickened out...
well...I have spent some time (lots of time) searching... downloading... watching a certain type of video. girl on girl strap-on anal...... its my favorite really..... and i was trying so hard to just watch it for what it was.... one girl dominating the other girl.... but i could not help but stare at those tight little assholes getting stretched..... and think that it someday might be me... at the end of your cock it humiliated me deeply to picture myself as that squirming whining slut some of them had to reach back and spread there cheeks during there fucking....

Your Loyal Pet ( with a sore pussy)
baby ryan

My letter to Baby Ryan....

I want you to call me today...Go ahead and send me the picture.I will not open until you call and there will be no excuse for not calling .I want you to have to listen to my reaction when I open the proof of your lack of testosterone.Oh and you must be prepared to cam for me and anyone I so chose to allow to view your cam at some point this week.I may just have a raffle for a chance to watch your sissy ass on web cam...Now there is an idea....

Rules .
1.You must sit to pee at all times ( no more standing for you. You are so dickless I am sure you are making a mess everywhere because you do not have enough dick to aim...so your little bitch ass needs to make everyone's life easier and squat like a bitch)
2.You are never to be without your sissy bitch perfume on.
3.You must show anyone I tell you to your little bitch clit so no one ever again mistakes you for a real man.(This can also include being on web cam and allowing anyone to view I chose)

More will be added and you must memorize ever single rule.If I ask you at any time what your rules are you are to be able to quote then and if you do not then you will have a mandatory 30 days in total chastity....and no bitch I am not playing. I will add three a week.
Mistress Sassa

Now I am going to allow one person to watch me work this little bitch over on Web cam....The person with the most vote codes will be the winner.You will find where to vote for me on my web site....Save the three letter vote codes.Email me your vote codes by Saturday night at midnight and the person with the most vote codes will get to watch Baby Ryans cam and chances are you will even get to see this little pansy ass cry...whew it makes me wet to make this bitch cry LOL

Mistress Sassa
1-334-687=3717 ext 170

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