Monday, February 15, 2010


I have a little tease game in mind today :) I want yall to play the Metronome Cock Stroker game with me....You will have to keep up with me and maybe just maybe if you make it to the end there will be a free audio for you to download and listen to my sultry southern wang night and day....But you will not out do me I am the Stroke Mistress.....You must be able to be on the internet as well as on the phone with me at the same im is essential...Check out my page for my rates...the longer you stroke the cheaper it gets....that will weed out the bitches with no cock control...this game is for my advanced cock strokers...I do offer this game in a text session as well but it really makes it fun for me if you have a web cam so I can watch the beads of sweat on your foreheads he he he.... add me and ask to play the Metronome Cock Stroking Game....I love a good game of cat and mouse....purrrrrrrr


Taking over the world one cock at a time....

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