Thursday, April 3, 2008

From the Desk Of your Stroke Mistress

Hi there all my little pets out in Sassa's land of kink....I was a little under the weather for a few days but I am mucha better now.....Christy is back from the ocean and was ready to be my bitch last night LOL I have some fun things in store for this little slut this week LOL....Last night she had to sleep with a dildo in her whoo ha for me and she made the mistake of telling me she wanted to bend me over and take me ......Ha Ha Ha...Now I love to be bent over and taken like any woman but my little christy does not have what it takes to be a real man and she should know her place and not knowing her place and getting brave enough to make a comment like that cost her a trip to my wish list and quite a bit of begging and pleading later I did forgive her little mistake LOL...She has decided to be a slut for me so we have her all listing on Craigs list because I know she just wants to suck cock and you know I am your Kinky Island Mistress and if you have a desire I assure you I am very capable of making it happen....So be careful what you wish for my sweets :)I got a sweet letter from a pet of mine I wanted to share with you.....I was like I said a bit under the weather and we didnt get to play ....Now this is dedication so you should all take note.....


No dominant goddess should ever be sick. I'd gladly take the flu for you if I could. Wouldn't that be kinda hot if I could? A true sign of submission. I gotta find the technology for that. :)

I'm so horny, but really enjoying my state of frustration and horniness. Especially knowing it's for a Queen like you.

slave XXXXX

That brought a huge smile to my face.Some of you can learn some hints from this pet..Well it has been quite some time since we locked that cock up I think maybe a few more weeks LOL But this is a fine example of dedication.Kim if you are out there my little hypno pet...You are getting very eager to dial your mistress....You just cant much take it any more.You know your life is nothing without me.....I am waiting my sweet tonight looks like a good night to play....Well I am logging in now hope to talk to all of you very soon....

Your Queen of Naughty
Mistress Sassa

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