Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot and wild morning aaaaaaaaaalready :)

HI there all my members of Sassa's Kinky Land....I know I have not wrote much this week but I have been running a lot.I had a hot hot call this morning I just had to write about.There are some calls that just turn me on from my head to my toes.I have not got to talk to my toy for a while and he called ready to be my little sissy bitch and there is something about this one we both get in this head space where it just just raw naughty.He got to tell me about my trip to Atlanta where I had that little sissy bitch in panties in my hotel room before the night was over with LOL The thought of him on his knees for me sucking that big black cock was just sooooo hot.Whew I am going to have to log out a while and take care of a little something LOL I will be back in just a bit LOL

Mistress Sassa

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Rianna said...

Keep up the good work.