Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From the desk of your Stroke Mistress......

HI there all my kinky pets....I know I was not online last night but you see I had a kinky little pet all tied up out buy the pool and I was just having too much fun.Lets just say this one will be walking funny for a few days LOL.Speeking of the pool here in the south summer is here days are in the 80s now and I have been spending lots of time tanning...The only thing is when I am on my float in the sun my mind of course goes into kink mode and I have lots of time to think of loooooooooots of things to do to yall LOL...I will be logging in more this week.I thought about logging in while I was in the pool tanning naked LOL.Ohhhhhhhh that little sissy boy next door was peeking over the fince yesterday LOL....That little bitch forgot he liked cock for a min but I was fast to remind him LOL.....He was sitting there rubbing that absurdly small thing thinking I could not see him......That is ok before the weeks out I will have him on the end of my strap on and pay for that peek he will LOL Well I am logging in now....Call me if you dare I am in one wicked mood today.....Ohhhhhhh Looser boy the shoes got here and I wore them on my run yesterday...Would you so not love to have sucked my precious toes when I got home LOL

Mistress Sassa

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