Sunday, April 27, 2008

Having fun in the Sun!!!!!

I have one wild weekend.Ace is getting better at using the Garmen now LOL We went to Aneros Hinge.My eyes lit up at the thought of what slut those things fit in....Of corse ace had his aneros in when we pulled up.I was teasing him without mercy.Running my long nails though that little lock teasingly.Ace was complaining his back was sore we had been driving so much so I ordered him a special massage cushion for the car that when I hit a little button it sends a little shock right up though that aneros LOL So far he is staying in the road.I do think that word anytttttttttttthing isnt far....I seen those lips quiver last night as we was riding into the moonlight with the top down with the radio on and my hips swinging back and forth like a erotic pendulum...I dont know how much more ace can take his balls are big as soft balls now.I am making him sit on ice bags he he he ...I am taking calls from all over the world for a while....We was going to pick up Jem Jem and Billy Bear but lucky for them ace has bought me soooooooooo many shoes trying to get some cummie brownie points that we have no more room in the car...I sit with my stockings on while ace drives and change them every hour.....

Mistress Sassa

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