Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going to the Mountains !!!!!!!!

I am going to be going to the mountains for the weekend.I had a fella that I have been eager to get my claws in invite me for a weekend of fun and kink so I just had to go.....

I have been doing quite a lot of Chasity play and it is just so much fun to have a man begging to cum and then say no no no :) Oh what sweet torture.

I personally think all men should live 24/7 with an aneros up there ass and a CB6000 snug and tight.I love nothing more than to have those little golden keys hanging on a chain around my neck.

I am going on Vacation tomorrow with 4 keys that belong to some very unlucky little pets that did not have enough cummie points in order to get them back.

Debi Mae has now reached the half way mark.She has been voting night and day and has done all of her post so maybe she will get to cum before Christmas.Debi Mae also won a free call with me.

I have often been asked why I like chasity so much well that is a no brainer.I love control and I always say you control the cock you control the man.You know your cock balls and orgasm belong to me anyway and it is such a turn on to see balls all swollen and dark.

I love to hear that little wimper that little "please." I have always been a cock tease and always will be a cock tease.

Hump Your Hand Wednesday was so much fun.I would say Tasha is my favorite to do two girl calls with and our grand winner won a two girl call with Tasha and I.We had not gotten to play together in a few days and lets just say he got it with both barrels.I had to give myself some twice just to put out the flames LOL

Ace even came to play.I have missed playing with ace and I told him how much everyone misses him posting on his blog.Ace pinkie swore to have a new post up soon and I am holding him to it.Inface he is going going to get to touch that cock until I see a post.....ha ha ha.

Sher won a free call with Ms Tasha whew he was quick on the draw.He also had the most vote codes so he also gets a free call with me for that one.I do not have a winner yet for the most vote codes in my email.This means a pair of my panties is up for grabs.I will extend this till Monday when I return and the slut that emails me the most vote codes by Monday morning will get a pair of my panties for being such a good boy.

We are number one right now on Phone Sex Central and we want to stay there so vote vote vote.

I will be back Monday and ready for some raunchy fun.But if you get to missing me toooooo much Ms Tasha will be taking calls and she is a lot of fun.

You will notice on my wish list there is a beautiful glass dildo with red hearts.I am not even going to tell you how much I want this....So if it shows up to the post office that is 20 cummie points for the one that puts it in my box.Ohhhh and do not forget that other box it will be going in.....

Yall have a good weekend and pray for the little bitch I am going to torture LOL He messed up and say the word "anything" yall know this could be trouble....

Mistress Sassa
1-866-687-3717 ext 170


Tampon Slave said...

Hello Mistress,

Thank You very much for the call last night. I think I deserve to cum because I answered your questions and then followed every order. I will leave it in all night and will not touch myself even though that is very hard after the call. You have not left my mind since the call and I am waiting for your next humiliating order. I am begging you to let me cum Mistress.

Tampon Slave

Lady Sassa said...

he he forgot to leave me your email addy so I could give you your next order LOL email me at own your little bitch ass now.Not for today or for a week but forever.