Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will be back tonight :)

Today it is beautiful so I am out riding my horse :)There is nothing better than having 1500lbs between your legs doing everything I ask :)

So all my loyal fans out in LadySassas Land Of Kink you are going to have to just miss me for a few hours :)Anddddddddddd no touching those willy woos until I get back :)

Oh and if you are really looking for something to do and want to do a little christmas shopping feel free to edge just once while looking at all the items on my wish list LOL....Ohhhhhhhh who wants to be my dirty lil santa this year.

Yall have a good one and do not forget much of a work out edging for hours while I tell you about my dirty little antics would be....Yall have to burn that turkey and pie off somehow :)


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