Saturday, February 25, 2012

LOL now this one is tempting LOL

Dear Queen Sassa

i pledge my devotion to you. you make me feel so much pleasure. and you control when i can feel it... taking it away ... making me do crazy things just to hear your giggle.

i wear panties for you. feeling your voice inside my head. you bring me so close and then take it away. i want your control to continue . on and on .forever.

in panties, i feel my submission to you, no one makes me feel like you. You possess me . i promise myself to you. pledge my control to you. over my cock, my balls. my orgasm.They belong to you now. you know how to make me look at images of you that arouse things inside me I did not know was there.making my frustration and pleasure so intense.

please let me serve you.I want to make you smile tonight while you are sick.I will grant you any item you want upon your list.Your voice will not be needed I will do the talking.I just want to know I put a smile on my Queens face tonight.

Sassa's stroke bitch

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