Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Moaaaaaaaaaaanday!!!

I have an amazing week coming that I am very excited about.I have a new boy toy I am playing with this week that has a tickle and scent fetish....He will be coming to play Wednesday so I will be MIA from the phones Wed...

I am excited about this one...."Tickle" is 24 and we have really hit it off.I am his very first Mistress....Ohhhhh did he luck up :) I loved it when he said " I hope I do not use the safe world too much" ha ha ha safe word ? Now why would I have one of those :) that is for amateurs.I have such an intuitive nature that I know when my pets are reaching their threshold.I derive no pleasure from making someone scream uncle so to say....I find it much more pleasurable to lure and excite and dance all along that edge and make them enjoy the sweet torture.It is never fun for a submissive to be pushed to disappoint their Mistress....and say " I can not handle this"

I like to open their mind up and push their buttons one by one and then I push....I show them what they can handle not what they cant....cant is not an option...when I push them there I KNOW they can take it.Trust is one of the biggest hurdles to master....without trust nothing works.

Fear will always have its place in a D&S relationship.... Without Trust even fear can not be controlled....

I have another pet flying in for a little force intox ha ha ha....Anna really stoked my fire in that direction last week LOL so this I am verrrrrrrrrry excited about....I am the master of this game lol

One of my longest playmates did something very very special for me today....I got a new Keruig for Christmas and I looooooooooove it....I am so addicted to coffee it is not even funny.I had ran out of my K Cups....He went to my Amazon wish list and sent me a whole box of 50!!!!! I am so excited they are so expensive I do not indulge in them often.... Thank u Thank u Thank u :) You know who you are :) You truly made my day...You always go that extra mile to put a smile on my face....You are much more than a playmate or a client....You truly are also a friend....not very often is that possible...We have had many years of making each other smile...I hope we are blessed with many more...You have a way of making me feel so special...

The Queen

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