Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am back from the beah :)

Hi there all my boys out there in Sassa's kinky land.Yes, your mistress had to take a little time out for some fun I had a caller Thursday night that was telling me about one of his rather kinky escapades at the beach and how much fun it was and I just had to go I am not a few hours from the coast so I called my cousin Ella and she said one of the clubs that way was hopping and I could feel the sun already on my face so I packed up my sandals and tossed my bags in the car took the top off and to the beach I went.Now.....I had all intentions of doing a little shopping and being back home to play with my callers last night.But....Lets just say it was just too much fun.It just so happened some friends of ours from the base there was just home from that dreadful desert and they was ready for some good American fun.You know it was my patriotic duty to show our boys a good time.Well We didnt get back to Ellas till 6 am this morning.I did get there in time to make it before the fish market closed and bought some fresh shrimp and grooper.Oh and a red snapper.You can walk the dock and buy the fish right off the fishing boats as they come in.I had a good time but I am ready to play LOL.So I am going to get everything unpacked and get the fish in the freezer and I am going to take sister for a ride today.I will see you all tonight....

Mistress Sassa

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