Sunday, March 16, 2008

what a weekend :)

I am telling you spring fever is hitting me LOL I have been in the garden all day planting blueberry's and raspberry bushes.I was thinking about all the hot calls I have had the past few days.I have one wild stable of pets he he he.I have been thinking about having our own forum.I know sometimes you get busy and you cant call and tell me how amazing I am everyday but you could post questions and so forth on there and we can talk about anything kinky know me I can make something kinky out of about anything.I was trimming the rose bushes today and could not help but think how fun those thorns would be on just the right ass LOL.Thank you to my mystery shopper that got the amazing book for me.I cant wait to curl up with this one.I am just to the second chapter and already I have some kinky ideas for you this week LOL.I had another mystery shopper that sent me a beautiful little ring that says " to thine on self be true." You know that statement is so true.I didnt get to go for my ride today.I sold Sisters friend and she has been a pissy missy today.Well,I am going to log in and play a while those rose bushes got me going LOL.Yall have a wonderful Sunday.....My pets your assignment for today is to do something kinky.Do something that makes your blood rush and makes you feel alive.If you cant think of anything call me and I will give you an idea or two LOL......Ok I am off to log in tonight.I dont have any appts tonight because I normally take off on Sunday nights so if you have been trying to call and I have been busy tonight may be a good night to catch me.Be ready to play though I am in one of my moods LOL

Mistress Sassa

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