Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letter from a pet I had fun with last night...

I played with one of my stroker pets last night I have taken total control of his cock his balls and those orgasms are oh so mine.I know boys will be boys and they will try and sneak a play with my toys I thought I would share the letter with everyone..

Ms. Sassa,

After we spoke I thought I would just release and go to bed, and you wouldn't know. After all, we hung up, so how could you control it? Well, at least a half dozen times I tried, and as soon as the pressure built each time, I heard your amazingly seductive voice telling me who it belongs to... and I was unable to release. I don't understand what you did, but literally each time all I could do was feel the ache as the pressure fell back down at your command. It took hours to fall asleep like that, I must've half-awoke a dozen times from the discomfort, and even this morning when I finally did wake up my first thought was your command. Again I thought I could get away with just releasing and putting an end to it.... and again I was powerless to control it over hearing you take possession. Then it hit me that you might have been serious about holding the lock and key, and that's when the panic set it... could she really do that? But how could I deny it, being exhausted from little sleep with this aching that makes it hard to sit still I realized I had to find out, and so I find myself telling you all the things I thought you wouldn't know, not knowing what you intend to do, but needing to find out if you intended to do all these things, that are also


Now I warn you when I take that cock it is oh so mine :)

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